School Expansion: 0051.0194

INCREASED SCHOOL ACCOMMODATION?  -  Ratepayers will be Asked to Vote on Two Propositions at January Election.

    The congestion at the Central school is becoming more acute every day and a remedy must be sought.  With this end in view a special meeting of the Cranbrook school board was held Monday evening at 5 o’clock to discuss some measure of relief.  It was pointed out that accommodation is totally inadequate.  Two extra class rooms are needed in addition to the temporary building now occupied.  There are at present enrolled four hundred and eighty-two pupils at Central school, with some of the classes numbering over fifty pupils.  This, it will be realized, is unfair both to the teacher and the pupil.  No teacher can do justice to her class and to her position.

    The trustees are compelled to consider ways and means of providing increased accommodation, and got in touch with the department of education, pointing out the danger from overcrowding.  To assist the Cranbrook school board the educational department of the province have offered a generous grant of one-third of the cost of construction.

    Mr. L. Hargraves, architect, of Victoria, in conjunction with Mr. B. A. Moorhouse, of this city, are preparing two plans for submission to the school board.  The proposals at present outlined are the building of two wings on the north side of the present structure, each two stories high and each containing two rooms.  This will mean only temporary relief.  The second proposal and the one which seems the more feasible, is to add another story to the present building.  This plan would provide nine additional rooms and take care of the future wants of Cranbrook for a couple of years at least.

    As soon as these plans have been received tenders will be called and the ratepayers asked to vote on the proposition on January 12th, the date of holding of the municipal election.

0051.0194: School Expansion

Two propositions being voted on for the expansion of the school.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  November 25, 1921
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0051)


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