Cranbrook Teachers Pay Increase: 0052.0063

CRANBROOK TEACHERS WANT 25 p.c. INCREASE – Central, South Ward and Kootenay Orchard Teachers Granted 15 per cent Increase.

    The high cost of living is making itself felt among the teachers of the local schools, judging from the number of requests for increases in salary made at the last regular meeting of the Cranbrook school board in the council chamber Friday evening last.  There were present Chairman White and Trustees Henderson, Wilson, Nisbet and Madame Miles.  Following the reading of the minutes, Trustee Henderson, who was appointed a committee of one to confer with Mr. Hawkins re the laying of a water main to the South Ward school, reported that that gentleman was unable to fill the contract.

    Mr. R. B. Forsyth, principal of the high school, appeared before the board in connection with the appointment of an assistant principal.  The increasing number of pupils warranted an additional teacher being placed on the staff.  He also presented a written request for an increase in salary of  25 per cent.  Miss M. K. Mutrie, of the same school, wrote asking that her salary be increased.

    The board discussed the question from several angles and came to the conclusion that the present salaries paid at the high school was commensurate with the service.  Trustee Nisbet moved and Trustee Henderson seconded that the increases asked for not be granted.  The motion carried.  As a result of the board’s action, it is rumored resignations will follow.

    A letter from Mr. Hugh M. Robertson of Sandon was read applying for a position on the staff of the high school.  Moved by Trustee Wilson, seconded by Trustee Miles, that the secretary write Mr. Robertson asking for further information as to teaching ability.

    Several accounts were passed and ordered paid.

    Miss Wand E. Fink, of the Central school staff, tendered her resignation, which was accepted with regret.

    Miss Louise C. Eckert of Vancouver wrote seeking a situation on the teaching staff of one of Cranbrook’s schools.  Miss Marion Molott of Chilliwack, B.C., also had a request in for a situation.  Miss Laura A. Travoril of Trail also filed her papers for a situation on the educational staff of this city.  Secretary Roberts was on motion instructed to secure the necessary data concerning Miss Travoril and Miss McFarlane, the application of the latter being read at last meeting of the board.

    A communication was read in connection with the piano fund from the principal of the high school.  A motion by Trustees Nisbet and Miles passed instructing Secretary Roberts to write and request a cheque from the principal of the high school to apply on piano fund.  Secretary was also instructed to dispose of piano box at best possible price.

    The action of the chairman in purchasing a set of ten volumes of  Nelson’s Perpetual Encyclopedia at a cost of $115.00 was approved by the board.

    The report of School Inspector Calvert was read and on motion received and filed.

    The teachers of Central school jointly signed a petition to the school board asking for an increase of 25 per cent.  The manual training school instructor had a request in for a like amount and the South Ward school followed suit.  Following the reading of the letters a general discussion ensued as to increases.  Trustee Nisbet favoring granting the increases to the older members of the staff, believing that their services should be recognized.  Trustee Henderson moved, and Trustee Wilson seconded, that the teachers of the Central, South Ward and Kootenay Orchard schools be granted an increase of 15 per cent.  The motion carried.

    The salaries of all caretakers were advanced $5.00 a month on motion of Trustees Nisbet and Miles.

    Adjournment was moved by Trustee Madame Miles, seconded by Trustee Wilson.


    Just before going to press the Courier learned on reliable authority that at least seven resignations will be forwarded to the school board in due course, unless the increase asked for is granted.  The teachers claim that the minimum wage in Cranbrook is away lower than any city along the Crow.  Some of the oldest teachers on the teaching staff of the Cranbrook schools are expected to hand in their resignations next week.

0052.0063: Cranbrook Teachers Pay Increase

Coverage of the requested pay increase for teachers of Central, South Ward and Kootenay Orchard schools.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  June 11, 1920
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


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