Windermere District Board of Trade: 0051.0103

REPORT OF WINDERMERE DISTRICT BOARD OF TRADE – Report of the Council Up To April Thirtieth, 1926.

To the President and Members,

Windermere District board of Trade.

Gentlemen –

            Touching on the operations of the Board for the past year it may be said that no general meeting of the members was held since the date of the 14th annual meeting, which was held on the 2nd July last year.  There not being any special business to lay before the board as a body was the chief reason for not calling any meeting in the interval.

            Since your last annual meeting, however, several gatherings of the residents of the district have taken place under the auspices of the board.  One of these was that called on the 21st September, 1925, which resulted in the formation of a local colonization association.  Just a few days before that we had an informal discussion with Supt. Flett of the Canadian Pacific railway relative to a proposal to alter the times of the operating of the trains.  The change was thought to be a retrograde movement, and when it was pointed out to the officials of the railway, the old time card, which is the present one was allowed to stand.

            Other public functions carried out under the general auspices of the board were the public reception held and the address presented to Capt. A. H. MacCarthy on his return as the conquering hero who had lead the successful expedition in the first attempted ascent of Mount Logan, an expedition which was watched with interest by mountain climbers throughout the world.  Another reception of personal interest to all the dwellers in the district was the one given under the auspices of the board to Hon. R.R. Bruce, on his first home-coming after this outstanding appointment.

            Still another – this time on a Sunday and for that reason a quiet one, was the reception of the English teachers who as a body spent 24 hours in our midst.  Still another was an informal meeting by those who are your officers with the principals representing a learned body of collegians who from the province of Quebec were touring through Canada and stopped off here en route.

            Several informal luncheons were given to well known people as Dutch treats by the members of your council and others who felt inclined to join in.

            We have again to record the loss of members.  One being Mr. Geo. A. Bennett, one of the persons present at the founding of the board and later one of its charter members.  Mr. H.B. Gore was a second one.  Others have come in who we trust will take an interest in the welfare of the district and in the course of time become members.

            The mining industry has made good progress throughout the year.  There have been some changes in the aspect of the settlers engaged in agriculture.  We are about to lose Mr. Jas. Sinclair in this branch but the good work in being taken by others from the outside.

            The new school building for the Athalmer-Invermere school district has become an accomplished fact and from the way the population as represented by the young is growing it looks as though further accommodation will soon have to be provided.

            While the world at large has been troubled with strikes and industrial disputes we have gone on quietly.  A shortage of building and development work has marked the past year in the district.

            Work on the extension of the Experimental station over by Windermere is being pushed forward steadily.  All of which is respectfully submitted.

0051.0103: Windermere District Board of Trade

Newspaper article reporting on the Windermere District Board of Trades council's operations. One of the highlights of these meetings was a reception held for the return of conquering here who lead the first expedition to ascend Mount Logan.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  June 17, 1926
Pages:  4
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0051)


council report meetings expedition mining school building


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