Cranbrook City Council: 0051.0098

COUNCIL TAKES UP ROUTINE WORK – Hear Delegation in Connection With Swimming Pool and Gym in the Y.M.C.A.

            Postponed from Thursday last, the regular meeting of the city council was held in the council chamber yesterday, with his worship the mayor and aldermen Flowers, Jackson, Fink, Cameron and MacPherson present.

            Under the head of correspondence, representation that water from the city supply to be applied on the Malcolm Horle addition was dealt with.  It was shown that water in the city reservoir is standing at a fair level, the volume passing over the spillway of the dam being equal to the corresponding period of last year.  Granting of water for the addition was left over, however, for further investigation.


            Delegates from the Y.M.C.A., Messrs W. Barber and Ira McNaughtan, waiting on the council, were invited to speak on the question of a swimming pool and gymnasium addition to the Y.M.C.A.  The delegates stated that plans for such addition have been gotten out, specifications calling for an expenditure of $20,000 on the building, estimate of equipment being brought down as approximating $10,000.  The plan for the building had already been submitted to officials of the Canadian Pacific Railway company who are inclined to look favorably on the scheme subject to approval of their directors.  It is probable, the delegation believes that the company may be induced to erect such a building, provided funds can be raised locally for the providing of equipment.  The delegation requested support of the council in the matter of equipping the gymnasium.  After considerable discussion, the council placed itself on record to the effect that it looked upon the Y.M.C.A. as the institution best fitted to handle the affairs of a pool and gym, promising collective and individual backing of the plan, specifying, however, that the municipality will be under no obligation in respect to expenditures.


            Dealing with an application from W.D. Stone for rates on water to supply his greenhouses, particularly during the early spring months, the council instructed the water committee to look into the matter and report back to a subsequent meeting.


            Accounts in the amount of $14,303.96 were passed.  The dairy inspector’s report showed all city dairies as being in sanitary condition.  The light committee reported installation of 28 light poles, street lights renewed, decrease of revenue on account of early reading of meters, and 930 electric meters in service.  An estimate placed the cost of installing electric conduits at street crossings at $25 per crossing.  Cost of power installation to the Cranbrook Brewery was referred to the light committee for investigation.  The fire department reported six calls during May; inspection of lanes; removal of garbage from back premises.  Daily water records showed water pressure of 114 pounds in early morning, never less than 98 pounds at any time of the day.  The works committee reported the laying down of new four inch water mains; installation of new water services, street reconstruction; side walks and side walk curbing laid down; weeding of cemetery; 944 loads of gravel hauled.  Report on the Gold Creek ditch showed that Gold Creek water had reached St. Joseph’s Creek on May 20th.


            Alderman Jackson, addressing his worship on the question of street reconstruction, asked if the macadamiz- [Continued on page six] izing of Baker Street had been kept within the limits of estimates of cost submitted, prior to construction.  His worship informed Mr. Jackson that full data in that connection is not yet available, but that a conservative checking of costs indicated that expenditures, so far, compared favorably with pre-construction estimates.  Alderman MacPherson expressed complete confidence in the city engineer; Mr. Fink, speaking to the question of street construction, stated that he had been informed by Mr. Moffatt, supervising laying down of tarvia, that the work of macadamizing Baker Street was entirely in accordance with recognized plan and could not be bettered.

  Mr. Fink deeply regretted the delay occasioned by tardy delivery of the tarvia heating kettle, which as subsequent examination showed, was also lacking several essential parts when it did arrive.


            Taking up the question of reported unsanitary condition of outside toilet service, the meeting ordered that owners of residences to which outside services are attached be notified to connect up with the city sewer, and that copy of such order be forwarded to complainants.


            Reverting to unfinished business, the matter of the B.P.O. Elks dance pavilion in Baker Park was brought up by alderman Fink.  The Elks’ proposition embraced the erection of a pavilion at a cost to the lodge of approximately $1200, the lodge to hold dances twice a week and to collect rentals at times when the place would be open to other organizations, the building to revert to the city at the expiration of the Elks tenure of five years.  The proposition did not meet with the favor of the council.


            The following deals recently put through by the city were confirmed and ratified – Purchase by the city of two acres of land for gravel pit, cost $100; sale of old Royal Hotel to G.W.V.A. $2000; water debentures, maturing 1934, yielding 5.6 per cent., purchased in the amount of $6000, plus $102.50 future interest; sale of pump from old power house $30.


            Attention being drawn for the necessity of maintaining closer supervision of the children’s playground, the matter will be gone into fully and in time to ensure good conduct of the children making use of the means of recreation provided.


                        Bylaw 269, providing for revision of the trades license bylaw, passed the third reading to receive approval of the council.  Similar action was taken in respect of bylaw 270, providing for purchase of 14.9 acres of land for cemetery purposes at a cost of $5 per acre, and of bylaw 271, providing for purchase of two acres of land at a total cost of $100 for gravel pit purposes.


            Prior to adjournment, alderman Flowers took occasion to compliment the board of works on the splendid facilities provided in the tourist camp and on the attractive appearance of the place.  Mr. Flowers feels that the camp is a credit to the city.

0051.0098: Cranbrook City Council

Report on City Council meeting dealing with the Y.M.C.A. proposed building addition for a swimming pool and gymnasium.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  June 17, 1926
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0051)


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