Log Salvage: 0052.0003

            REFUSED JUSTICE ON THE AMERICAN SIDE.  Patrick Lumber Company unable to secure its runaway logs. – Nelson, Aug. 15

            Joseph Patrick, head of the Patrick Lumber Company of Slocan, with his sons, Lester and Frank, the noted hockey players, tells an extraordinary story of an attempt to receive stranded logs along the Columbia river in the State of Washington….

            On June 6 the Patrick Lumber Company’s boom on the Little Slocan river broke.  Ten million feet of lumber went helter, skelter down the wild Kootenay and scattered all along the Columbia.  Mr. Patrick made arrangements with the Beaver Lumber company of Prescott, Ore., to salve and manufacture the lumber, they giving him a rate of 50 cents per thousand for salvage.  He put posters all along the Columbia … advertising the fact of the boom break and the brand of the log ….  He also advertised the circumstances in the various counties of Washington concerned, through the press….

            Mr. Patrick then proceeded to drive the logs.  Hardly had he crossed the boundary line than he was met by one R.J. Hanley and a party of men, who drove him away at the point of Winchesters.  Making a further attempt … at Northport, the whole population turned out and a procession was formed of boys and others, waving the American flag.  Mr. Patrick’s driving party was assaulted and threatened with revolvers. …

            Magistrate Grier of Northport, who refused to issue warrants, stated that even if the cases were prosecuted in Northport it was hopeless for Mr. Patrick to expect an unprejudiced jury.  Appeal was made to Prosecuting Attorney Rochford at Colville, who also declined to issue any warrants, promising to investigate, but warning Mr. Patrick that if prosecutions did ensue they would have to be tried in Northport nevertheless … if he attempted to make the drive … below Northport, and similar circumstances came up, he (Rochford) would take the same view.


[attached note states Patrick Lumber Co. incorporated January 1907]

0052.0003: Log Salvage

Newspaper article stating Patrick Lumber Company is refused justice when trying to retrieve ten million feet of lumber that broke free from the company's boom on the Little Slocan River and ended up in Washington.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 16, 1908
Publisher:  Victoria Daily Colonist
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


logs boom


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