The Big Bend Country: 0051.0027

THE BIG BEND COUNTRY. – (From the Columbian) – The following letter, written at Fort Kamloops on the 30th ult, by Mr. Ladner, and which has been kindly placed at our disposal by W.J. Armstrong, Esq., of this city, will afford some interesting information respecting a section of the country which is attracting considerable interest just now:

            “I arrived here this morning after rather a longer trip than I expected.  I took longer going, But I made up for it in coming back.  I left Columbia River on the 26th inst., and came to the head of Shuswap Lake on foot in two days, and should have come here last evening had it not been for the heavy head winds which detained me several hours.   *   *   *   *   *

            We are going to try and take the train and some beef cattle to the new diggings.  I saw enough to satisfy me that there was sufficient to justify us in doing so.  The road is very bad, so much so that there will have to be a great deal of work done before we can get through.  I wrote a few lines to Moberly who has gone to the South Arm of the Lake to explore, requesting him to help us to get through, which I think he will do.

            There are two places that prospect very good.  One is Carnes Creek, about 20 miles below “Death Rapids,” the other about 20 miles above on a tributary of Gold Creek, called French Creek.  It is two miles below where the old Indian trail strikes the Columbia River.  They prospect very good indeed, although there has not been much gold taken out as yet as the freshets came on so soon after they were started.  I saw a number of men that I knew, and they all agreed that it is from 250 to 300 miles from the diggings to the line, and they relate a number of hair-breadth escapes, and a number did lose their boots and goods.  They appear to think that if once there is a road opened this way that it is bound to take the trade of that part of the country; but I think the Government should try and open a pack trail that would be passable until they see whether there is enough to justify them in making a wagon road.  It is reported here that there has been an arrangement made between the Hudson Bay Co. and the Government that if the former will put on a steamer the latter will build a wagon road.  As to their (sic.) being a steamer built on the Columbia River it is all bosh.  There is some machinery at the Dalles, and a part of the lumber sawed at Colville Mills, that would do to build a steamer, but that is all that’s done.”

0051.0027: The Big Bend Country

Newspaper article with a letter from Fort Kamloops on conditions encountered reaching Big Bend Country. Mention of progress on Capt. White's steamer.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 14, 1865
Pages:  3
Publisher:  Victoria Daily Colonist
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0051)


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