Columbia River Mines Report: 0051.0019

FROM THE COLUMBIA RIVER MINES.- Mr. Fred Black has kindly allowed us to extract the following information from a private letter which he has just received from Mr. John J. Murphy, who is known here as having kept shop for Mr. Black on William Creek last summer.  Mr. Murphy is a perfectly reliable young man, and his statements may be depended on.  The letter is dated from Pnkey City, Fort Colville, 6th June:

            “I have wintered here in company with Bob Nobles, John Clugston, Peter Liberty, John Libby, Mountaineer Perry, Judge Perrier, Wm. Weller, all Caribooites.  On the 1st April they all started up the Columbia river, about 270 miles from here, in boats, with plenty of provisions, and only three days since two of them returned, causing a great excitement.  They have found diggings that would yield from 25c to $4 to the pan.  Mountaineer Perry is making as high as $100 per day, and the party all anticipate doing as good if not better than that; I have seen prospects sent from there to Harry Young that weighed 90 cents, the gold being similar to that found on Horse Fly last fall.  There was a great deal of travel from British Columbia this way to Kootenay.  Frank Fellows, Bill Parker, Jim May’s companion to Peace river, are here, and they are very well off.  Captain Fitzstubbs and Barnston the lawyer arrived last night.  Dewdney is surveying a route from Rock creek to Kootenay by Fort Shepherd.  William Giles alias Jack of Clubs, George Hendricks and Ted Sweeney are gone to Kootenay.  The whole country on this side is one continual scene of [move] ment, and people don’t know where [to go] first.  Everyone is expecting to hear [of] extensive diggings on the Columbia [any] day.  Cattle are very high there be[ing] few for sale in Washington Territory.  Jeffries has gone to Boise with 320 h[ead of] cattle.  There are about 30,000 people [to]gether in Boise this season.  Pull up and come over, as there are many [      ] speculation.  I am staying here to [      ] August, to prospect a silver lead [        ] d’Orilla. – Cariboo Sentinel.

0051.0019: Columbia River Mines Report

Article featuring a letter from Mr. Murphy, formerly at William Creek in the Cariboo. He mentions many Caribooites on the Big Bend and discusses the promise of the new gold field.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  July 27, 1865
Pages:  3
Publisher:  Victoria Daily Colonist
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0051)




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