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Manual Training School : A Garry Anderson sketch of the Manual Training School, part of the "Old CRanbrook" series.
Manual Training School
Cranbrook High School : One of Garry Anderson's "Old Cranbrook" series of sketches, the old Cranbrook High School, 1913.
Cranbrook High School
Cranbrook High School : Thought to be an early picture of the Cranbrook High School, year unknown?
Cranbrook High School
Kootenay Orchards School : Kootenay Orchards School in Cranbrook. Does anyone have more photos or info to share?
Kootenay Orchards School
Amy Woodland School : Amy Woodland School under construction in 1957.
Amy Woodland School
Amy Woodland School : Cranbrook's Amy Woodland School while having a new wing added.
Amy Woodland School
Muriel Baxter : Muriel Baxter, year unknown. A very poor image of one of Crnabrook's early teachers.
Muriel Baxter
The Bell Building : The Bell Building on 1st Street with the old Central School Bell.
The Bell Building
Dr. Frank Green : Cranbrook's Dr. Frank Green, year unknown.
Dr. Frank Green
St. Eugene Hospital : St. Eugene Hospital in Cranbrook, year unknown.
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Sketch of St. Eugene Hospital by Garry Anderson, from the "Old Cranbrook" series.
St. Eugene Hospital
East Kootenay Regional Hospital : Construction of what became the East Kootenay Regional Hospital, 1968.
East Kootenay Regional Hospital
Cottage Hospital : Facility run by Nurse Salmon on 12th Ave. built in Cranbrook in 1904, then owned by Mr. & Mrs. Jim J
Cottage Hospital
Cranbrooks Elephant Escape : Loose circus elephants in wooded area near Cranbrook, 1926.
Cranbrooks Elephant Escape
Cranbrook Gyro Pool : The old Gyro pool on 14th Avenue South in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Gyro Pool
Frames Bakery : Frames Bakery in Cranbrook, with owner Bob Frame behind the counter.
Frames Bakery
Cranbrooks Home Bakery : Outside Frame's Bakery with old bread truck, year unknown, possibly Mrs. Robert Frame.
Cranbrooks Home Bakery
David Frame & Jim Brooks? : David Frame & Possibly Jim Brooks? managers of the Frame Bakery. Can anyone confirm this? S.B. Add
David Frame & Jim Brooks?
Cranbrook Highway Arch : One of the original Cranbrook arches.
Cranbrook Highway Arch
Cranbrook Buildings : Buildings in Cranbrook, year unknown - possibly the Cranbrook Foundry with the YMCA behind?
Cranbrook Buildings
Cranbrook Parade : A parade in Cranbrook, coming down Baker Street in front of the old Post Office.
Cranbrook Parade
The Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band : The Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band on parade in Cranb rook, year unknown.
The Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band
Cranbrook Water Reservoir : The new city water reservoir to be opened in June 1975.
Cranbrook Water Reservoir
Silver Ridge Sawmill : Believed to be Silver Ridge Sawmill near Elizabeth Lake in Cranbrook, with the Rockies in the backgr
Silver Ridge Sawmill
Yahk Public School : Flooding of the Yahk Public School in 1949.
Yahk Public School
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