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Charles Martin : Mr. Martin went to Fort Steele to file for a homestead near Cranbrook.
Charles Martin
Pieper : Mr. Pieper returned to Moyie City to complete unfinished work painting and paperhanging, after which
Horse Transportation : Well-known freighter suffered misfortune when one of his horses got sick and died at Fort Steele.
Horse Transportation
St. Eugene Mission : Easter Sunday at St. Eugene Mission. New chapel was filled to utmost capacity three times during th
St. Eugene Mission
Official Directory : Official directory for Southern East Kootenay, Dominion Cabinet Ministers and Provincial Government
Official Directory
Kootenay Paddlewheelers : Three boats ready in Jennings, MO and just waiting for high water to start their trips.
Kootenay Paddlewheelers
Coal Creek : $1000 has been appropriated for a lockup and recorder's office at Coal Creek.
Coal Creek
Crows Nest Pass Railway : Railway supply stores have been relocated from Macleod to Bull Head Prairie.
Crows Nest Pass Railway
Free Miner : Rights and regulations of Free Miners under the mining laws of British Columbia.
Free Miner
Kootenay Paddlewheelers : The steamer Farrell starts on maiden trip up Kootenay River, soon to be followed by steamer North St
Kootenay Paddlewheelers
Bluebell Mine : Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent building roads, steamers, smelter and development h
Bluebell Mine
Cranbrook System Survey : Cranbrook water system survey from St. Joseph's creek commenced and should take six weeks to complet
Cranbrook System Survey
Crows Nest Pass Railway : Newspaper excerpt from Kuskanook Searchlight - railway contractor passed through Kuskanook with 75
Crows Nest Pass Railway
Illegal Whiskey : Mounted police private overhears conversation in french language about an illegal still, arresting s
Illegal Whiskey
In The Hospital : Patients admitted to St. Eugene hospital.
In The Hospital
Moyie City : Moyie Leader noting ongoing building boom and other interesting items going on in Moyie City.
Moyie City
North Star Mine : Report of pending sale of North Star mine to a syndicate for $3,000,000.
North Star Mine
Pilot Bay : All speak highly of hospitality of people at Pilot Bay where ladies outnumber men by ten to one.
Pilot Bay
Raynolds & Geddes : Two gentlemen from state of Ohio in Cranbrook to establish themselves in business, with more Ohioans
Raynolds & Geddes
Rossland : Notes of ongoing developments in Rossland, namely new hall for its fire brigade and being declared p
St. Eugene Hospital : New hospital at St. Eugene Mission will soon be ready for occupation, with all modern conveniences.
St. Eugene Hospital
War Eagle Mine : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver World - contracts for new machinery for War Eagle mine have closed, mine
War Eagle Mine
Whitewater Mine : Whitewater Mine in Slocan country sold for large sum.
Whitewater Mine
G.B. Wright : Pioneer citizen and Father of Ainsworth near death.
G.B. Wright
Kootenay Lake Boats : New passenger and freight steamboat to run between Nelson and Kuskanook, as well several large car b
Kootenay Lake Boats
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