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Cranbrook School Awards : Connie Carston of Pinewood School accepts an academic award from P. Kuhnert of Central School.
Cranbrook School Awards
Cranbrook School Awards : Grade 7 student Rob Martini accepts the top academic award from Bill Allison.
Cranbrook School Awards
Cranbrook School Awards : R. Hogg recongizes Constable Vickers of the Cranbrook RCMP for his service as the school liason offi
Cranbrook School Awards
Central School Staff : Mr. L. Swenerton, hospital administrator accepts $500 from T. Phillips donated by the Central school
Central School Staff
Cranbrook School Awards : Mrs. P. Kuhnert presented honor roll awards to Pasquale Trozzo, Michelle van der Molen, Jodi Savage,
Cranbrook School Awards
Central Elementary School : Cranbrook's Central Elementary School, built in 1909.
Central Elementary School
Steepleview Elementary School : New Steeples School in Cranbrook, under construction, June 1979.
Steepleview Elementary School
Steepleview Elementary School Tour with Menadora Benedik, Ron Dale, Florence Gilbert, R.B. Taylor, : New Steeples School tour with teacher Menadora Benedik, and School Board trustees Ron Dale, Florence
Steepleview Elementary  School Tour with Menadora Benedik, Ron Dale, Florence Gilbert, R.B. Taylor, Florence Roberts
Steepleview Elementary School : MLA Terry Segarty and teacher Menadora Benedik, students Carley Meek and Jeremy Neno, cut the ribbon
Steepleview Elementary School
Cranbrook History Manuscript : Front page of a report written by Amy Woodland School students in 1975.
Cranbrook History Manuscript
Cranbrook Schools : School photo, year and building unknown.
Cranbrook Schools
Amy Woodland Elementary School 1975 : This picture was taken in the back of Amy Woodland School in 1975. The students in the picture are:
Amy Woodland Elementary School 1975
Mr. Richie : Mr. Richie was an early stagecoach driver in Cranbrook in 1890.
Mr. Richie
Baker Street, Cranbrook : Baker Street, looking east from what is now Van Horne Street, early 1900's.
Baker Street, Cranbrook
Cranbrook Ice House : Ice was cut from McKenzie Pond and stored in this building.
Cranbrook Ice House
Cranbrook from Baker Hill : Early photo of Cranbrook, at the turn of the 19th century.
Cranbrook from Baker Hill
Cranbrook Telephone Office : The old Cranbrook Telephone Office on 9th Ave.
Cranbrook Telephone Office
Cranbrook Auto Club : The Cranbrook Auto Club in front of the Fire Hall, early 1900's.
Cranbrook Auto Club
Cranbrook Government Office : The Government Office on the east end of Baker Street, around 1945.
Cranbrook Government Office
Cranbrook Automobiles : Automobiles parked in Cranbrook around 1950.
Cranbrook Automobiles
Government Building Sketch : Sketch of the old government building and city hall by Garry Anderson.
Government Building Sketch
Cranbrook City Hall : A very popor image of Cranbrook's City Hall building.
Cranbrook City Hall
Cranbrooks Government Building : A sketch of Cranbrook's old government building and city hall, from garry Anderson's "Old Cranbrook
Cranbrooks Government Building
Cranbrook Rsailway Station : The Cranbrook CPR Station in 1906, passengers aboard engine 475.
Cranbrook Rsailway Station
Central School : Sketch of Central School, "Old Cranbrook" 1909.
Central School
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