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Chinese Exclusion : Lower Slocan Country has no more Chinamen.
Chinese Exclusion
Heathen Chinese : Newspaper article in form of poem describing sneaky heathen chinaman.
Heathen Chinese
Hate Letter : Letter to the editor from England remarking how Chinese in Canada never become citizens and lower wa
Hate Letter
Chinese Exclusion : Many people disgruntled over steamer employing Chinese cook, even though they never eat a meal on th
Chinese Exclusion
Miners Against Chinese : Election for provincial parliament must include people whose first duty is for the mining section of
Miners Against Chinese
Chinese Soldiers : English Exchange describes conditions and pay of Chinese soldiers in their own country.
Chinese Soldiers
Opium Joint : Nakusp has an opium joint.
Opium Joint
Chinese Exclusion : Even with past treatment of Chinese in Slocan district a Chinaman is trying to purchase a piece of N
Chinese Exclusion
Chinese Question : C.P.R. forcing communities to accept Chinese cheap labor as they continue to employ them on their st
Chinese Question
Watts, A.E. : Mr. Watts of Liverpool, England organizing a company for developing a number of ledge propositions a
Watts, A.E.
Attic Finished : Warm days and melting snow stimulating people to start renovations, including finishing the attic in
Attic Finished
Cranbrook Baker Home : Baker residence being remodeled by contractor, will become one of the coziest and most elegant bach
Cranbrook Baker Home
Cranbrook : The C.P.R. makes declaration that Cranbrook will be their divisional point, guaranteeing Cranbrook c
Babylon Mine : While tunneling for ore body at Babylon Mine, an unexpected vein was uncovered which looks to yield
Babylon Mine
Bailey, W. : Mr. Bailey, who has political aspirations, was a visitor to Cranbrook.
Bailey, W.
The Brickyard : Former Balfour resident has moved to Cranbrook to start a brickyard.
The Brickyard
Cranbrook Post Office : Post Office Inspector expected to announce Cranbrook to soon have a much-needed post office.
Cranbrook Post Office
Cranbrook Divisional Headquarters : Cranbrook to be the largest and best town in East Kootenay due to Crow's Nest Pass Railroads decisio
Cranbrook Divisional Headquarters
Crows Nest Construction : Railway nearing completion east of Crow's Nest Pass to Lethbridge.
Crows Nest Construction
East Kootenay Estimates : Victoria legislature presented with estimates for current year for upgrades and wages in East Kooten
East Kootenay Estimates
East Kootenay Roads : Load of laborers for rock work at Moyie delayed due to road conditions to Cranbrook.
East Kootenay Roads
Fort Steele Mercantile : Fort Steele Mercantile to carry a complete line of building materials and hardware.
Fort Steele Mercantile
Engineer Garden : Wardner C.P.R. Engineer was in Cranbrook last week.
Engineer Garden
Hamilton, John & W.J. : Newspaper article two successful prospectors state that Southeast Kootenay is one of the most fruitf
Hamilton, John & W.J.
In The Hospital : Newspaper article listing people under care of Sister Superior and four Sister assistants at St. Eug
In The Hospital
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