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Chinese Exclusion : Colonist McGreary Act about to replace Geary Act, which will extend the time for Chinese Immigrants
Chinese Exclusion
Mafia : Nakusp showing signs of Italians in town.
Smuggling Chinese : Two Chinamen landed in Northport under mysterious circumstances.
Smuggling Chinese
Introductory Statement - The Ledge : Nakusp's first paper introduces itself and states intent to promote the interests of Nakusp, their d
Introductory Statement - The Ledge
Opium : Border guard stationed at Waneta crossing due to considerable amounts of opium passing through B.C.
Kaslo Fire Death : Two fires occured in Kaslo in one week, killing one Chinaman.
Kaslo Fire Death
Robbery : Man held up by highwaymen and relieved of two bottles of liquor he was taking to his employer.
Opium : American government officials feel as soon as snow melts there will be a great rush by smugglers to
Kaslo Chinese : A dozen Chinese arrived in Kaslo to work at placer mining on Kaslo creek.
Kaslo Chinese
Italian Drowned : Two Italians trying to navigate a rowboat through floating debris in river got caught in a snag, one
Italian Drowned
Employment : Slocan area is very busy this year, no man is sitting idle.
CPR Accident : Man trying to board a moving train got his left leg cut off.
CPR Accident
Japanese Leave : Nakusp's Japanese colony pulled up stakes and left for Spokane.
Japanese Leave
Opium : Opium duty reduced to $6 per lb, throwing opium smugglers out of business.
Kaslo Miners : Three Italians own six claims on Kaslo creek, with assessment work on four of them completed.
Kaslo Miners
Kaslo Chinese : Gold fever has hit prospectors on Kaslo creek.
Kaslo Chinese
Two Fires : Defective chimneys caused two fires in Revelstoke in one week.
Two Fires
Slocan Mines : Sixteen men working at Slocan Mine, one being a Chinese cook which is a rarity in area.
Slocan Mines
Englishmen : Differences between Englishmen and Canadians in Eastern Canada seems to act as a cement between them
Dead Italian : Unknown Italian found frozen to death on railway track.
Dead Italian
Christian Chinaman : Christian Chinaman quits working for white family after they have an evening of cards and wine.
Christian Chinaman
Chinese Cooks : Chinese finally have a foothold in New Denver and Slocan area cooking for bachelors club.
Chinese Cooks
Chinese Exclusion : New Denver citizens meet to discuss letting Chinese into their camp to work. After discussions dele
Chinese Exclusion
Chinese Question : The question of allowing Chinese into Slocan area seems to not be to favorable for them.
Chinese Question
Chinese Exclusion : Only Chinaman working in New Denver is now gone.
Chinese Exclusion
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