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Cominco General Office : Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company general office, Kimberley, BC.
Cominco General Office
Cominco Retail Store : Cominco Retail Store, Kimberley, BC
Cominco Retail Store
Tuway Grocery Interior : Tuway Grocery Interior, Spokane Street, Kimberley, BC
Tuway Grocery Interior
Deer : Deer at the back of power house, Kimberley, BC
Diesel Locomotive : The first diesel train coming into Kimberley train station.
Diesel Locomotive
Purity 99 Dealer : Kimberley, BC Gas Station, Purity 99 Dealer. Unknown name of man in photo.
Purity 99 Dealer
Kimberley Heritage Museum : newspaper clip - Kimberley Heritage Museum and Library, first opened
Kimberley Heritage Museum
Snow Fiesta : Winning Window Display, Snow Fiesta, Redding's Furniture. Displaying the North Star Saloon, Kimber
Snow Fiesta
Kimberley Downtown : Kimberley Cleaners looking towards Norman's Drug Store and Old North Star Hotel, Kimberley, BC
Kimberley Downtown
The Daily Bulletin : The Daily Bulletin building, Kimberley, BC
The Daily Bulletin
The Daily Bulletin building : The Daily Bulletin window display, Kimberley, BC
The Daily Bulletin building
The Daily Bulletin building : The Daily Bulletin building, Kimberley, BC
The Daily Bulletin building
The Daily Bulletin : The Daily Bulletin displaying three trophies, Kimberley, BC
The Daily Bulletin
Leroys Barber Shop : Leroy's Barber Shop, Kimberley, BC Unknown names for men in shop.
Leroys Barber Shop
Kimberley Arena : Arena in Kimberley, BC
Kimberley Arena
North Star Hotel : North Star Hotel, built 1898, Kimberley, BC
North Star Hotel
Prince of Wales Visitation 1928 : Prince Edward-Prince of Wales at the Train Station in Kimberley BC May 11th, 1928
Prince of Wales Visitation 1928
Spokane Street, Kimberley : Spokane Street, Kimberley, BC Mark Creek Store on right, Chatson's on corner on left.
Spokane Street, Kimberley
Kimberley Tailors : O.K. Shoe Repair Shop and Kimberley Tailors on corner of Wallinger Avenue and Spokane Street looking
Kimberley Tailors
The Pearsons of Kimberley : Newspaper clip - The Pearsons of Kimberley. Presumed to be left to right Back row: John Drummond Pe
The Pearsons of Kimberley
Pearson Member Band : newspaper clip - Some of the members of the Pearson Family were in a Band. Click on link below for
Pearson Member Band
Downtown Kimberley : Newspaper clip - Looking west along Spokane Street from the intersection of Wallinger Avenue. Wide,
Downtown Kimberley
Kimberley Hotel Fire : Kimberley Hotel Fire on Spokane Street.
Kimberley Hotel Fire
Snow Removal : Snow removal on Wallinger Aveenue. Muraco's store beside Browns Grocery, Simpson Sears (later Togs a
Snow Removal
Cominco Office : Cominco Office, downtown Kimberley, BC
Cominco Office
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