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E. Paynes Fox Farm : Load of timber delivered to fox farm at Sand Creek.
E. Paynes Fox Farm
Hellman Car Hit By Snowslide : Snowslide takes Wardner resident's car into Bull River.
Hellman Car Hit By Snowslide
Hellman Plymouth Wrecked : Big snowslide comes down across road and takes residents car into river.
Hellman Plymouth Wrecked
Kootenay Play-Offs At Trail : East and West Kootenay play-offs in provincial hockey title series to be held in Trail.
Kootenay Play-Offs At Trail
Last League Game : Fernie and Lumberton in grand finale of East Kootenay Hockey schedule.
Last League Game
Managers Meet : Western Grocers managers meet in Winnipeg to formulate program for present year's business.
Managers Meet
Michel Hockey Team Beats Wardner : Wardner hockey team beaten after travelling to Michel to play.
Michel Hockey Team Beats Wardner
Pig Breeding : Cranbrook youth ships prize Yorkshire boar to experimental farm for breeding purposes.
Pig Breeding
Wycliffe Bridge Movie : Local photo studio takes moving pictures of demolition of old Wycliffe bridge after new Wycliffe bri
Wycliffe Bridge Movie
Unemployed Cutting Wood : Fernie's city council decide to have unemployed men cutting wood to sell as a means to help large nu
Unemployed Cutting Wood
Cranbrook - Police : Former Cranbrook Mayor makes statement regarding preliminaries leading up to his and three aldermens
Cranbrook - Police
Change to Provincial Police : Mayor and five Aldermen resign in what they consider is a vote of nonconfidence in their contemplati
Change to Provincial Police
Change To Provincial Police : Returning to their seats after resigning, Mayor and Aldermen vote 5 to 2 in favor of turning Cranbro
Change To Provincial Police
Change Poem : Newspaper article in form of poem relating to fight among Cranbrook City Councellors over going to p
Change Poem
Cranbrook Policing : Provincial Police to begin in East Kootenays March 1st, with Cranbrook being their headquarters.
Cranbrook Policing
Fernie Policing : After Fernie City Council decided to keep city police, much squabbling followed causing them to reco
Fernie Policing
Cranbrook Policing : Since Cranbrook became a city in 1905 it was policed by City Police but since March 1 Provincial Pol
Cranbrook Policing
Cranbrook Auto Club Ad : Newspaper advertisement with date and time for Cranbrook Automobile Clubs annual meeting.
Cranbrook Auto Club Ad
Entertainment - Blue Bird Inn : Blue Bird Inn opens to public with special menu prepared for the occasion.
Entertainment - Blue Bird Inn
Climbing Mount Fisher : Fisher Peak scaled by amateur climbers using easiest way but still took 10 hours.
Climbing Mount Fisher
Chinatown Fire : Local man charged with starting fire in Chinatown, which caused damage to many buildings and razed s
Chinatown Fire
Swimming Pool : Boys and girls aged 15 and under take part in children's contests at swimming pool.
Swimming Pool
Wasa Lake Camp : Fourth annual camping outing for boys of East Kootenay held at Wasa Lake.
Wasa Lake Camp
Move To McCreery Building : After improvements to buildings three companys move to new locations.
Move To McCreery Building
Kettle River Gold : Reports of rich strike of placer gold on Kettle Creek.
Kettle River Gold
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