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Ceramics Class : Ceramics class in basement of home, Valemount, BC.
Ceramics Class
Alex and Dora Kushnir : Alex and Dora Kushnir, unknown club represented, Valemount, BC.
Alex and Dora Kushnir
Construction Site : George Vlahavas, Rob Yewell and Tom Demopoulos at a construction site, Valemount, BC.
Construction Site
Gordon Fyten : Gordon Fyten, holding table saw. Valemount, BC.
Gordon Fyten
School Meeting : Public meeting inside a Valemount school.
School Meeting
Valemount Government Offices : Canadian Citizenship? Mrs. Gena Chiavarini, RCMP Roger Holt, Judge in background, Rupe Murphy, and M
Valemount Government Offices
Valemount Government Offices : Canadian Citizenship? Unknown, unknown, Rupe Murphy, Judge, Mr & Mrs. Joe Tomaz, RCMP unknown, Val
Valemount Government Offices
Special Event : Perhaps wedding guests, Valemount BC.
Special Event
"Nile Nostalgia" : Unknown name of people in group photo. Note on back of photo: Nile Nostalgia. Valemount, BC
Ranger Chipmunk : Community event with Ranger Chipmunk, Valemount, BC.
Ranger Chipmunk
Craft Fair : Unknown names of ladies at table with doll centrepiece. Possibly a craft fair, Valemount BC.
Craft Fair
A Man and His Car : Unknown man standing beside car, possibly a 1955 Buick or Oldsmobile. Valemount, BC.
A Man and His Car
Buddies : Unknown names for three youmg men, Valemount, BC.
Valemount Businessman : Unknown businessman in his office, Valemount, BC.
Valemount Businessman
Outdoor Gathering : Community event with RCMP - possibly bike ID against theft, Valemount, BC.
Outdoor Gathering
Young Girl at Home : Unknown name for girl posed against house, Valemount, BC.
Young Girl at Home
RCMP Officer and Family : RCMP officer Sgt Lloyd Wizniuk , his wife Linda and son Lee , Valemount, BC
RCMP Officer and Family
Presentation : Marilyn Gardner presents to Ethel Morrison, Valemount, BC.
Meeting : Unknown men (one wearing Kal Tire cap) unknown event, Valemount, BC. Walter Udell said: Verne Clark
Barbecue Winners : ICG Liquid Gas presentation of barbeque win to Unknown winners. Valemount, BC.
Barbecue Winners
Couple Portrait : Unknown man and woman posed in front of motel, Valemount, BC.
Couple Portrait
Group Portrait : Unknown group posed in motel parking lot, Valemount, BC. JAmie Black added: the first lady in the p
Group Portrait
Group Portrait : Unknown ladies in photo with raised arms in victory gesture, Valemount, BC.
Group Portrait
Valemount Baker : Unknown lady in bakery, Valemount, BC.
Valemount Baker
Community Meeting : Community event - Group gathering for elections or Christmas concert?, Valemount BC.
Community Meeting
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