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Sawmill At Pilot Bay : While towing a boom of logs to Pilot Bay boat ran into machinery problems and had to leave boom tied
Sawmill At Pilot Bay
A.B. Hendryx : Potential investor for smelter at Pilot Bay returned home well pleased with smelter site and progres
A.B. Hendryx
Child Deeded Lot : Agent of the Ainsworth townsite company deeded one of the choicest lots in town to the first child b
Child Deeded Lot
First Baby : Newspaper article announcing birth of first baby born in Ainsworth.
First Baby
Leans Lime Kiln : Proposed lime kiln to be built in the area after prospecting lime belt between Pilot Bay and Crawfor
Leans Lime Kiln
Miss MacLeod Estate Clearance Ad : Newspaper advertisement everything in woollen goods to be sold at cost to clear up estate of the lat
Miss MacLeod Estate Clearance Ad
Annual Firemens Banquet : Tenth annual firemen's banquet was thoroughly enjoyed by guests.
Annual Firemens Banquet
Knox Church Ladies Auxiliary : Knox Church Ladies' Auxiliary held annual meeting to elect new officers for the following year.
Knox Church Ladies Auxiliary
Perry Creek Relief Poem : Newspaper article in form of a poem describing hardships for the men working at the Perry Creek reli
Perry Creek Relief Poem
Cranbrook In Selkirk Bonspiel : Cranbrook curlers win cups in Kimberley's curling bonspiel.
Cranbrook In Selkirk Bonspiel
First Wycliffe Bridge Accident : New Wycliffe bridge builder escapes death while removing false work, crashing 50 feet while heavy ti
First Wycliffe Bridge Accident
Lively Session Of Council : Last council session before elections of new year of councillors. Proves to be a lively session, wit
Lively Session Of Council
Star Stages Run To Kimberley : A sixteen passenger bus now running between Cranbrook and Kimberley.
Star Stages Run To Kimberley
Talk On Mussolini : An ex-patriot from Italy gives his interpretation of Mussolini and his impact on Italy.
Talk On Mussolini
Joe Jackson Argument : Minority alderman resigns after council meeting infuriates him over $250.00 bill.
Joe Jackson Argument
Cranbrook Relief Society : Relief Society reports successful Christmas for needy families and men in hospital, due to donations
Cranbrook Relief Society
Annual Fire Department Report : Annual report for 1930 detailing fire department responding to 40 calls.
Annual Fire Department Report
Cranbrook Library : Annual meeting for Cranbrook Public Library, appointed new board of directors and reports show incre
Cranbrook Library
Works Report 1930 : Annual report by City Superintendent for Water, Sewers, Streets, Sidewalks, Drainage, Street Mainten
Works Report 1930
Ben Walkley Opens Business : After leaving Cranbrook Meat Market, Ben Walkley opens own meat store.
Ben Walkley Opens Business
Change To Provincial Police : Cranbrook City Council meeting over the matter of changing from city to provincial police.
Change To Provincial Police
Class Recital : Piano pupils give studio recital with address on life of Mozart included.
Class Recital
Cranbrook Cash Meat Market : Kimberley man opens cash only meat market in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Cash Meat Market
Cranbrook Pontiacs Play Coal Creek : First Cranbrook ladies hockey game of the season to be played against Coal Creek girls.
Cranbrook Pontiacs Play Coal Creek
Crows Nest Pass Curling Assoc. : Nineteen rinks play in curling bonspiel held by Crows Nest Pass.
Crows Nest Pass Curling Assoc.
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