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Pool Fundraiser : Cranbrook Kinsmen Club pledge 90% of proceeds from the raffle of a new 1969 Pontiac to go to the Cra
Pool Fundraiser
Cranbrook First Flight : Cranbrook to go down in the annals of aviation history as first airplane landed there enroute to Cal
Cranbrook First Flight
Edison Theatre : Old Wentworth hall to be the site of Cranbrook's new Edison theatre, after being repainted and redec
Edison Theatre
Edison Theatre : Cranbrooks new Edison Theater will exhibit the newest, latest, most up-to-date and realistic shows a
Edison Theatre
Eagles Smoker : Cranbrook Eagles hold meeting in new Edison theatre with bountiful supply of solid and liquid refres
Eagles Smoker
Edison Theatre : Cranbrooks Edison theatre opens with a moving picture and illustrated song for nearly 300 people.
Edison Theatre
Edison Theatre : With detailed programme of upcoming performances at Cranbrooks new Edison Theatre.
Edison Theatre
Cranbrook - Firsts : Detailing some of the important events of Cranbrooks history.
Cranbrook - Firsts
Cranbrook - Firsts : Detailing first things in Cranbrook, from first building to first baby born.
Cranbrook - Firsts
People : Newspaper letter to Herald congratulating them on their 10 year anniversary.
A.E. Watts : Early pioneer who took the Crow's Nest Pass trail to Cranbrook two years before the railway tells of
A.E. Watts
Cranbrook Growth : Cranbrook never stopped growing in the ten years of her existence, with names and descriptions of th
Cranbrook Growth
Auditorium Theatre : Cranbrooks new opera house now christened The Auditorium.
Auditorium Theatre
Herald Reports On CPR Progress : Reporting on progress of C.P.R. in rebuilding their railway and yards in Fernie after the big fire t
Herald Reports On CPR Progress
H.L. Frank : Newspaper article H.L. Frank, who was engaged in coal mining and established the town of Frank, died
H.L. Frank
Storm and Wreck : C.P.R. service of Crow's Nest line hampered by severe storms on the prairie and several wrecks, one
Storm and Wreck
Car Races At Moir Park : Newspaper article 20 cars will be competing for top prize money at Grand opening of oval racing seas
Car Races At Moir Park
Sod Turning For Pool : Oldest and youngest walkers to complete 25 mile Lions Walkathon, which raised funds for Cranbrooks n
Sod Turning For Pool
Ed Murphy : Comings and goings of Perry Creek miners, with St. Patricks day coming up.
Ed Murphy
Doctor King : Cranbrook doctor pays professional visit to Fort Steele.
Doctor King
Ed Murphy : Two miners return to Perry Creek.
Ed Murphy
Ed Murphy : Perry Creek miner visits Fort Steele.
Ed Murphy
Diamond Jubilee Hospital : Fort Steele Diamond Jubilee Hospital opens new wing and ready for patients.
Diamond Jubilee Hospital
Ed Murphy : Fort Steeles' Imperial hotel arrivals.
Ed Murphy
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