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Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article Ymir individual cuts support of a cabin to render it uninhabitable so Chinese owne
Chinese Discrimination
First Chinese : Newspaper article Cranbrook Herald reports first Chinaman has arrived in their city, Economist urges
First Chinese
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article residents making a lot of noise in Nelson over opposition of proposed site of loca
Chinese Discrimination
Kuskonook Shooting : Newspaper article man found guilty of shooting at another man with intent to maim and sentenced to 3
Kuskonook Shooting
Chinese Prejudice : Newspaper excerpt Cranbrook Herald resident who harps on Chinese Immigrants has employer who has thr
Chinese Prejudice
Local Colour : Newspaper article in form of letter against Japanese and Chinese working in eating houses.
Local Colour
Chinese Prejudice : Newspaper article Chinaman kills himself and sheriffs officers at a powder magazine after they came
Chinese Prejudice
Christian Missionaries : Newspaper article American mission school in China destroyed by Chinese Mob.
Christian Missionaries
Italian Violence : Newspaper article urge for stricter gun control and more searches on Italians for concealed weaponsa
Italian Violence
Italian Prejudice : Newspaper article Italian found in possession of a revolver and fined for the offence and weapon was
Italian Prejudice
Chinese History : Newspaper article dispatch from Shanghai states government troops losing 3,000 men in battle against
Chinese History
Railway Violence : Newspaper article trial of man accused of murdering his friend and fellow countryman could not be de
Railway Violence
Italian Prejudice : Newspaper article many Italians in Nelson as interested spectators at the Bruno trial.
Italian Prejudice
Italian Labourer Dies : Newspaper article
Italian Labourer Dies
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article Nelson Chinamen at a Fan tan game were surprised by arrival of fire chief and assi
Chinese Discrimination
Italian Violence : Newspaper excerpt Brooklyn News scrimmage between two Italians in work camp almost ended with one ma
Italian Violence
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article miners of Sandon do not want Chinese workers and use any means necessary to keep t
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Exclusion : Newspaper article Ottawa dispatch states British Columbians white laborers excited over government r
Chinese Exclusion
First Coal Assays : Newspaper article coal deposits in Crow's Nest pass analysed in San Francisco proved to be valuable.
First Coal Assays
Bonners to Move To Montana : Newspaper article Kootenay Indians near Bonner's Ferry to be moved to Flathead reservation in Montan
Bonners to Move To Montana
Economic Boycott Of Chinese : Newspaper article urging people of Kootenay Lake country to rid themselves of the Chinese by boycott
Economic Boycott Of Chinese
Prospector Assaying : Newspaper excerpt Butte Inter Mountain grizzled old prospectors being replaced by young college educ
Prospector Assaying
Developments In China : Newspaper article China has a system of telegraph lines running to all parts of the country and are
Developments In China
Flathead Reservation : Newspaper excerpts Idaho Kootenay Major and 5 Kootenay Chiefs passed through Idaho en route to Flath
Flathead Reservation
Pilot Bay Smelter : Newspaper article new smelter in Pilot Bay attracting new residents.
Pilot Bay Smelter
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