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Hatchery Financing : Cranbrooks hatchery is not only financially maintained from membership dues, but also for the genero
Hatchery Financing
Joe Jackson : Cranbrook resident busy supervising two jobs at the same time, one is the construction of a stone re
Joe Jackson
Gold Creek Pipeline : Local firm starts on construction of concrete pipe at Cranbrooks' Arena ring, which they will use as
Gold Creek Pipeline
Zilli : Poem regarding Cranbrook residents garden in his new place of residence.
Painting Cranbrook Station : Cranbrook resident busy with gang of painters on painting Cranbrook division of C.P.R. buildings.
Painting Cranbrook Station
Golf Club Contract : Work to begin immediately on contract to build new clubhouse for Cranbrook Golf and Country Club.
Golf Club Contract
Voisey Business : For painting, paperhanging and kalsomining call Mr. Voisey at Cranbrook Masonic Hall.
Voisey Business
Unemployment : Cranbrook's unemployment remains acute due to slackness in lumbering trade, hopes of Gold Creek road
Music Lessons Ad : Teacher of violins and theory to be in Cranbrook for two days.
Music Lessons Ad
Property Tax Sale : Properties reverted to City of Cranbrook through Tax Sales proceedings offered for sale at prices sh
Property Tax Sale
Ice House Roof : C.P.R. painters doing excellent job repainting Cranbrook station and another crew repairing the roof
Ice House Roof
Publicity Chair W.H. Wilson : President of local branch of B.C. Automobile Club and chairman of publicity for the Cranbrook Board
Publicity Chair W.H. Wilson
Board Of Trade : Cranbrook Board of Trade renews advertising contract to send brochures to Canada, US and European to
Board Of Trade
Road Reconstruction : Ongoing road work on outlying areas in Cranbrook district nearing completion, and more work will be
Road Reconstruction
Carnival Prep : Cranbrook Gyros' aided in selling tickets for upcoming carnival to aid in completing swimming pool b
Carnival Prep
Gyros : Cranbrook Gyros regular meeting confirms upcoming annual meeting and election of officers, and silve
Pool Extract : Cranbrook Gyro arranging for semi-permanent lighting of the swimming pool, and another member inform
Pool Extract
Pool Progress : Construction of Cranbrooks' new outdoor swimming pool is progressing satisfactorily and a pay teleph
Pool Progress
Gyro Pool Ticket Ad : Cranbrook Gyro Swimming Pool Carnival Ticket - good for one free dance, and possibility of winning o
Gyro Pool Ticket Ad
Rotary : Fernie Rotarian couple are guests of Cranbrook couple on their way to Spokane to a Rotary convention
City Feeds Indigents : City of Cranbrook continuing to feed indigents although there is a noticeable decrease in their numb
City Feeds Indigents
Cranbrook Hotel Refinishing : Cranbrook building contractors completed extensive improvements to several room in the Hotel Cranbro
Cranbrook Hotel Refinishing
First Ad for Pool : Reminding people not to forget upcoming Gyro carnival and opening of huge outdoor swimming pool with
First Ad for Pool
Swimming Value : Newspaper editorial with opening of Cranbrooks new swimming pool the editor is urging every boy and
Swimming Value
Byng Hotel : Byng Hotel urges visiting baseball teams to stay there in the upcoming season.
Byng Hotel
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