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Edmonton Circus Report : Edmonton spends long weekend starting with an elephant stampede through the city and then to the cir
Edmonton Circus Report
Value of Elephants : Newspaper excerpt Associated Press - Sells-Floto circus moves on from Spokane without their elephant
Value of Elephants
Edmonton Auto Camp : Edmonton auto camp had nearly 1700 people, in 500 cars, visiting so far this summer.
Edmonton Auto Camp
Shoot the Elephants : Cranbrook residents gearing up to hunt the escaped elephants with guns if they are not captured soon
Shoot the Elephants
Ktunaxa Captured : Cranbrook Indians capture three of the stampeded elephants when a woman lured them in with apples.
Ktunaxa Captured
A Vanishing Institution : The circus parade seems about to become a thing of the past, as noisy modern day cities will startle
A Vanishing Institution
Edmonton Exclusive : One of the three elephants that escaped after a stampede in Cranbrook have been captured by local In
Edmonton Exclusive
Glacier Park Connector : Soon to be possible to travel all the way from Edmonton to the Glacier National park in Montana.
Glacier Park Connector
Edmonton Auto Camp : Edmonton Auto Camp enjoys its most successful season of its career.
Edmonton Auto Camp
Grohman Canal : Provincial government awarded contract for digging canal to connect upper Columbia Lake with the Koo
Grohman Canal
White Work : Selkirk Mine replacing Chinese help with white workers.
White Work
Chinese Laundry : Chinese laundryman busts contract for doing laundry for $4 a month, asking for $1 a week.
Chinese Laundry
Stereotypes : Golden boat landing has a large amount of Indians on the shore.
Chinese Immigration : Canadian Pacific Railroad company carries Chinese through Canada in bond, as the American customs of
Chinese Immigration
Fort Steele Bridge : Assistant commissionr of lands and works reports work on government bridge at Fort Steele is nearing
Fort Steele Bridge
White Laundry : Newspaper editorial stating that Donald needs a laundry, run by whites, which they figure will get t
White Laundry
Chinese On Wildhorse : Four Chinese companies on Wild Horse are cleaning flumes to end season, one flume bagged over $1000
Chinese On Wildhorse
Cranbrook Cartage : General freighting with piano and furniture moving a specialty.
Cranbrook Cartage
Drs. King & Green : Physicians and Surgeons office hours.
Drs. King & Green
Fort Steele Brewing Company : Drink home beer as it is healthy, pure and the best.
Fort Steele Brewing Company
Macconnell Furniture Ad : Furniture store supplying undertaking and embalming with large stock in caskets and robes.
Macconnell Furniture Ad
Vroom & Dezall : Blacksmiths horse shoeing, carriage repairs and general jobbing.
Vroom & Dezall
Kootenay Golf Club : Meeting held to form a golf club with first class links laid out and adopted the name "The Kootenay
Kootenay Golf Club
First Beer : Cranbrook Brewery starts off with great success as first beer was tasted and was deemed exceptional.
First Beer
New Brigade Formed : Cranbrook's old fire brigade executive voted vacant and new one voted in, with another vote to solic
New Brigade Formed
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