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King : Sam Rajotte now a clerk at King's grocery.
Hospital Ball : $250 plus raised at benefit ball for Cranbrooks new hospital, to be turned over to the sisters there
Hospital Ball
Hospital Construction : Cranbrooks new St. Eugene hospital building needs heating apparatus before they can start to occupy
Hospital Construction
Hospital Ladies Aid : Cranbrook ball committee presents the Sisters of the St. Eugene Hospital with $262, then discusses t
Hospital Ladies Aid
Sisters & Ladies Aid : Sister of St. Eugene Hospital extend thanks to the ladies of Cranbrook for their donation.
Sisters & Ladies Aid
Ladies Aid : Large attendance requested at meeting to form a ladies aid society.
Ladies Aid
Music Festival Representative : Kootenay MLA Leo Nimsick presents cheque for $433 to Cranbrook music festival.
Music Festival Representative
Nurse Reunion : Arrangements being made to celebrate an annual reunion by nurses who trained at the former St. Eugen
Nurse Reunion
Baker House Debate : Ongoing debate over tearing down old Colonel Baker residence or turning it into a historical site.
Baker House Debate
Council Saves Baker House : Cranbrook City Council took steps to ensure the preservation of Colonel Baker residence in Baker Par
Council Saves Baker House
Laurie School : Laurie School celebrates 30 years of education on the site of an old poultry farm owned by the Lauri
Laurie School
Nurses Remember : St. Eugene Hospital nurses gather to remember the former Cranbrook hospital.
Nurses Remember
Osoyoos House : Microfilm Reel B-1317 correspondence from Colonial Secretary authorizing renovations on Osoyoos Hous
Osoyoos House
Trail Condition Survey Ordered : Microfilm Reel B1317 - correspondence authorizing surveying and estimate of cost to repair trail fro
Trail Condition Survey Ordered
Gaggin Re Cox : Microfilm reel B-1330 - letter to Colonial Secretary informing that Mr. Cox will not be leaving for
Gaggin Re Cox
Gold Export Tax : Microfilm Reel B-1317 - letter from colonial secretary's office informing them a duty on the export
Gold Export Tax
Legal Ferry Agreement : Microfilm reel B-1330 - agreement for building and maintaining a ferry across Quesnel River and char
Legal Ferry Agreement
Trail Reserve : Microfilm Reel B-1317 letter from Colonial Secretary's office - confirming Mr. Dewdneys' suggestion
Trail Reserve
Germanys Shame : Translated music hall ditty in Germany after the sinking of the Lusitania, showing the true feelings
Germanys Shame
Hesperian Sinking : Hesperian hit by torpedo off Irish Coast, 26 passengers and crew supposed to have been lost.
Hesperian Sinking
German Denial : Germany say to have proof that Hesperian was destroyed by a mine, not by one of their submarines.
German Denial
Hesperian Sinking : Although Berlin persists none of their submarines were near Hesperian when she sunk, British presses
Hesperian Sinking
Final Tally : 33 people out of 650 passengers and crew are missing after the sinking of the steamer Hesperian.
Final Tally
Edmonton Photo Caption : Fourteen elephants stampede, with six rampaging through Edmonton city, one staying loose all night.
Edmonton Photo Caption
Elephant Rampage : 14 elephants stampede through Edmonton, all because of a yapping little dog.
Elephant Rampage
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