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Elephant Bait : Hunting for grizzlies said to be good near Myrtle the elephants carcasss.
Elephant Bait
Elephants : Sells-Floto Circus' elephant stampede made Cranbrook famous.
Ironsides Ships Head : Myrtle's head and fore foot to be shipped to University of Alberta in Edmonton.
Ironsides Ships Head
School Auto Traffic : Lots of children are being driven to school by their parents, a great majority children would gain p
School Auto Traffic
Fire Station : Lumber is on the ground for building Cranbrooks new fire station, and word that the hose and other a
Fire Station
The Prospector : Fort Steele Prospector's editor visited Cranbrook.
The Prospector
Lake Tug : Materials and engine for new tug being built by C.P.R. to run on Kootenay Lake to arrive in Nelson s
Lake Tug
Dr. King : Dr. King to return to Cranbrook after attending lectures in New York city.
Dr. King
Fire Brigade : Cranbrook fire house now built and waiting for meeting at Forrest hall to form a fire brigade.
Fire Brigade
Joyce Brothers : Joyce brothers won contract to supply 7000 telegraph poles to C.P.R., as well as bought interest in
Joyce Brothers
Nurse Hearle : Newspaper article formerly from Cranbrook, Nurse Hearle of Nelson has been ill and was sent to deten
Nurse Hearle
St. Eugene Hospital : Railroad worker goes to hospital with obstructed hernia but dies two days later.
St. Eugene Hospital
Dr. King : Dr. King is at St. Eugene Hospital as a patient.
Dr. King
Dr. King : Newspaper article Dr. King suffers a relapse and again admitted to Mission hospital.
Dr. King
St. Eugene Mission : Cranbrook resident recovering after having to have his leg amputated after cutting himself on the kn
St. Eugene Mission
St. Eugene Hospital : Mr. Wilton recovering slowly after having his leg amputated.
St. Eugene Hospital
Dr. Green : Dr. Green to return to Cranbrook now that he is recovered from his illness.
Dr. Green
Dr. King : Tie cutter working for Breckenridge & Lund cut two of the smaller toes from one of his feet.
Dr. King
Navins : Cranbrook resident spent two days in Sirdar and returned with a large bunch of game.
Dr. Bonnell : Fernies' Dr. Bonnell visits Cranbrook.
Dr. Bonnell
Dr. Green : Dr. Green comes up from Moyie.
Dr. Green
St. Eugene Hospital : Newspaper letter to editor from former patient at St. Eugene Hospital expresses her heartfelt gratit
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Cranbrooks' new St. Eugene Hospital nearing completion, all that will be needed is the personnel of
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Mrs. McInnes returned from a stay in the hospital.
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Mr. Smyth recovering from fever at hospital.
St. Eugene Hospital
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