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Tillie Captured : One of the three escaped elephants finally captured and back in temporary corral in Cranbrook.
Tillie Captured
Tillie Captured : Tillie now on her way to join circus, but two elephants still at large around Cranbrook.
Tillie Captured
Elephants At Large : Myrtle the elephant said to be wandering in the thickets at the base of Moyie Mountain and her jungl
Elephants At Large
Liberals At Fort Steele : Liberal campaign to open in Fort Steele, with attorney-general of B.C. to address the electors.
Liberals At Fort Steele
Hospital Ambulance : B.C. Spruce Mills faller injured at work, requiring hospital ambulance.
Hospital Ambulance
Myrtles Death : Myrtle the elephant dies, circus men to devote their attention to finding last remaining elephant.
Myrtles Death
Elephant Dies : Truant elephant dies in woods, exhausted and with two bullet wounds in her hip. Still one elephant i
Elephant Dies
Fall Fair Judging : Cranbrooks' Fall Fair to be judged morning of first day so everyone has a chance to enjoy the events
Fall Fair Judging
Byng Hotel : Byng Hotel open to the public after being renovated and refurbished from G.W.V.A. moved their associ
Byng Hotel
Legion Building : Survey work for new clubhouse of the Canadian Legion underway prior to the erection of the building.
Legion Building
Cranbrook Ed Caught : Last runaway circus elephant caught at Smith Lake, 4 miles from Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Ed Caught
Cranbrook Ed Ad : See the last of the lost elephants caught exhibited at the Cranbrook Fall Fair, when Charlie Ed will
Cranbrook Ed Ad
Charlie Ed : Charlie Ed, to be renamed Cranbrook Ed, is the prize exhibit at Cranbrooks Fall Fair after a month o
Charlie Ed
Early Winter : Cranbrook and East Kootenay residents awoke to 2 inches of snow.
Early Winter
Legion Building : Excavation work under way in the start of the construction of the new Canadian Legion building.
Legion Building
Chinese Fall Fair : Cranbrook Fall Fair assisted by Chinese with their own music and fireworks.
Chinese Fall Fair
Conklin & Garrett : Conklin & Garrett All-Canadian Shows Company made good their deal with the Cranbrook Gyro Club, even
Conklin & Garrett
Cranbrook Ed Leaves : Circus officials state that the stampede and resulting death of one of their elephants cost them $20
Cranbrook Ed Leaves
Elephant Christening : Cranbrooks' Mayor pours a bottle of champagne on elephants head and declares him to be named Cranbro
Elephant Christening
Legion Building : Cranbrook Canadian Legion expects new building to be finished in two months.
Legion Building
Ode To Myrtle : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver Province - escaped elephant Myrtle dies in the wilds surrounding Cranbro
Ode To Myrtle
Smyth Interview : Former editor of Moyie Leader interviews Cranbrook Ed, famous for Cranbrooks' Elephant Stampede.
Smyth Interview
St. Eugene Grad : 3 well known young ladies receive their diplomas from Cranbrook St. Eugene's Training School.
St. Eugene Grad
St. Eugene Meeting : Cranbrook and St. Eugene Hospital selected for important clinical meeting of medical men.
St. Eugene Meeting
Elephant at Cafe : Cranbrook Ed enjoys last meal in Cranbrook at the Victoria Cafe.
Elephant at Cafe
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