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Guy Pownall : Victoria resident visits Cranbrook on the way to his ranch at Fish Lakes.
Guy Pownall
Fernie Imperial Bank : Plans and specifications for new Imperial Bank buildings in Fernie and Cranbrook now available for c
Fernie Imperial Bank
Foundation Laid : Work on new Cranbrook schoolhouse progressing rapidly.
Foundation Laid
Casual Racism - Chinese : Chinese being driven out of Cobalt camp, which some feel it the only solution.
Casual Racism - Chinese
Macdonald & McLaren Sheep : Large drove of sheep passed through Cranbrook.
Macdonald & McLaren Sheep
R.S. Garrett Presentation : Epworth League meeting present an interesting and instructive paper on the history and art of printi
R.S. Garrett Presentation
F.W. Reeves at Cosmopolitan : F.W. Reeves returns to the Cosmopolitan hotel as new manager.
F.W. Reeves at Cosmopolitan
Harness Maker and Shoe Repair : Boot, shoe and harness maker, also repairing old shoes.
Harness Maker and Shoe Repair
Brown Accident : Cranbrook resident who loses both hands in a railway accident opens a tobacco store and pool room.
Brown Accident
Farmers Institute : Cranbrook - Fernie Farmers' Institute for information regarding lands and agriculture.
Farmers Institute
Drs. King & Green : Office hours and location of Cranbrook Physicians and Surgeons.
Drs. King & Green
Livery Stable Ad : Cranbrooks' new, up-to-date livery, feed and sale stable.
Livery Stable Ad
Royal Hotel Bar : Cranbrook resident who had been in charge of Royal Hotel bar for few months leaves to head north.
Royal Hotel Bar
Masonic Cornerstone : Kootenay district Mason Grand Master to be in Cranbrook to lay the corner stone of the new Masonic T
Masonic Cornerstone
Masonic Cornerstone : Corner stone of new Masonic Temple in Cranbrook was laid with ceremony and procession.
Masonic Cornerstone
G.W.V.A. Smoker : Cranbrook Branch of G.W.V.A. holds smoker in their hall to thank those who assisted them in putting
G.W.V.A. Smoker
G.W.V.A. Smoker Ad : Cranbrook branch of G.W.V.A. holding smoker in their club rooms.
G.W.V.A. Smoker Ad
Corpus Christi : Kootenay Indians from local reserves congregated at St. Mary's Indian Mission to participate in annu
Corpus Christi
G.W.V.A. Sells Building : Cranbrook branch G.W.V.A. successful smoker held to thank everyone who helped with Empire Day celebr
G.W.V.A. Sells Building
Baker Street : Good progress made with paving of Baker street, after a few learning curves with the machine.
Baker Street
Baker Street : Cranbrooks main street now partially paved and open to traffic.
Baker Street
Lord Byng : Baron and Lady Byng present for official opening of Jasper Park Lodge for summer of 1926.
Lord Byng
Moir : Mrs. Moir condition now deemed hopeful at the St. Eugene Hospital in Cranbrook.
Elephants at Large : Dense woods, deep ravines and steep hillsides act as obstacles for the men pursuing the three elepha
Elephants at Large
Cenotaph Move : Cranbrooks Veterans monument moved to new site.
Cenotaph Move
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