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Erickson CPR Garden : Erickson station agent won first prize for the best station garden on all the C.P.R. lines in B.C.
Erickson CPR Garden
Fingal Smith Flies : Newspaper letter to editor thanking owner and pilot of airplane for taking John Fingal Smith for a r
Fingal Smith Flies
Globe Hotel Heating : Kimberleys' Globe Hotel installs a hot water heating plant.
Globe Hotel Heating
Jostad at Bull River : Bull River's postmaster, sawmill owner and merchant was in Cranbrook.
Jostad at Bull River
McCreery : Ex Cranbrook resident in town on business and to visit old friends.
New High School : Kimberley's new high school now open, at a cost of $30,000.
New High School
Oil Well Drilled : Pacific Petrol Products erects one of the largest derricks in western oil properties at Dorr in the
Oil Well Drilled
Peewee Golf Inventor : Inventor of peewee golf wealthy from individual sales of his courses, and now sells his rights for m
Peewee Golf Inventor
Possible Winter Dance Series : Cranbrook Gyro Club meets to discuss possible series of novelty dances during the fall and winter mo
Possible Winter Dance Series
Post Office Caretaker : Cranbrooks' Post Office caretaker back to work after being off several days due to illness.
Post Office Caretaker
Sam Woo Restaurant : Sam Woo returns to Creston, after 9 years in Cranbrook, and opens a new restaurant.
Sam Woo Restaurant
Telephone Service : Fernies' long distance telephone service to extend to Crows Nest and Corbin.
Telephone Service
Windermere Hospital Matron : Cranbrook nurse appointed matron of Windermere District Hospital.
Windermere Hospital Matron
Baker Hotel Ad : Mount Baker Hotel Cranbrooks only absolutely first-class fireproof Hotel, with hot and cold running
Baker Hotel Ad
Alberta Rooms : Comfortable and clean hotel with hot and cold water on all floors.
Alberta Rooms
Depot Rooms : Comfortable home for the working man.
Depot Rooms
Royal Cafe : Try the Royal Cafe for good meals.
Royal Cafe
Secretarys Report : Cranbrook Veterans Association's secretary summarizes activities and good works done by the G.W.V.A.
Secretarys Report
Wentworth Hotel : Wentworth Hotel undergoing renovations and revamping.
Wentworth Hotel
Purchase By-Law : Ratepayers of Cranbrook to be given the opportunity to vote on the purchase of Baker estate property
Purchase By-Law
Old Brewery Site : Large number of Cranbrook families camped on St. Joseph Creek on Dominion Day.
Old Brewery Site
Fire : B.C. Laundry Co. and adjoining stables completely destoyed by fire.
Bakers White Steamer : Newspaper excerpt Golden Star - V. Hyde Baker expected in Golden in his White Steamer car. Rumors th
Bakers White Steamer
Fire Bell : Suggesting proper fire alarm be installed in Cranbrook as no one heard the alarm for a fire early in
Fire Bell
Government Building Lawn : Cranbrook bowling club practice on the lawn in front of municipal building.
Government Building Lawn
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