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St. Marys Church Bazaar : St. Mary's Church Bazaar held in the Knights of Pythias hall.
St. Marys Church Bazaar
Catholic Bazaar : Annual bazaar of St. Mary's Church to be held in the Knights of Pythias hall.
Catholic Bazaar
Cranbrook Brewing Co. Water : City Council agrees to refund Cranbrook Brewing Co. water bill through rebates on monthly water acco
Cranbrook Brewing Co. Water
H.M. Widdington : Cranbrook architect and his family move to Calgary.
H.M. Widdington
Hanson Garage : Hanson Garage employee brings home a deer.
Hanson Garage
Immigration Job : Cranbrook resident appointed assistant immigration inspector at Kingsgate.
Immigration Job
John Fingal Smith : 85 year old Cranbrook resident enjoys a flight over the mountain peaks.
John Fingal Smith
New Gas Machine for Hospital : St. Eugene hospital thanks the Cranbrook Ladies' Auxiliary for their efforts in purchasing a new ana
New Gas Machine for Hospital
W.J. Langley Dies : Former Fort Steele and Moyie miner dies of heart failure in California.
W.J. Langley Dies
Brother of Mrs. MacKinnon : Mrs. MacKinnon's sister-in-law passes away in Washington while her brother is staying with her recup
Brother of Mrs. MacKinnon
Halloween Dance : Cranbrook Auditorium to hold Maple Leaf Rebekah Lodges annual Hallowe'en dance.
Halloween Dance
Hospital Elevators : Contracting firm Sainsbury & Ryan finishing work on Wordens new garage and also have a crew preparin
Hospital Elevators
Unemployed Jailed : Cranbrook provincial jail is overcrowded, due to large number of arrests made of people riding the r
Unemployed Jailed
Clapp : Cranbrook resident who underwent surgery in Spokane is in satisfactory condition.
Councils Work Plan : Cranbrook City Council outlines work to be done by the unemployed in relief fund projects.
Councils Work Plan
Gyro Ball a Success : Cranbrook Gyro Clubs annual ball held in the Auditorium was a success.
Gyro Ball a Success
Indian Agents : Long time resident of Fort Steele is a candidate to be appointed an Indian agent, with his long time
Indian Agents
Gyros : Penticton Gyros to stage their version of "Aunt Lucia".
Miniature Golf : Kimberley has two miniature golf courses, one in old pool and billiards rooms.
Miniature Golf
Large : Cranbrook sprinter did 100 metres in 10 4/5th seconds.
Cranbrook Rotary : Six high schools boys were guests at Cranbrook Rotary Club meeting, showing them how the Rotary Club
Cranbrook Rotary
Crowe Book : Former Moyie boy now an author of a well written book on mining laws.
Crowe Book
A.E. Jones : A.E. Jones has contract for repairing Crowsnest Cleaners and Dyers, which was damaged by fire.
A.E. Jones
Alfalfa for Consolidated Dairy : First load of baled alfalfa from Creston to go to Consolidated company's dairy farm in Marysville.
Alfalfa for Consolidated Dairy
Coyote Bounty : From May 1st to October 31st 73 coyote pelts were presented to Cranbrook government office for a bou
Coyote Bounty
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