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Hindus To Honduras : Newspaper article Governor of British Honduras to visit B.C. to ascertain if Hindoos are suited for
Hindus To Honduras
Opium : Newspaper article first conviction on record for selling opium is a sentence of twelve month impriso
Honduras Fails : Newspaper article mission to move Hindu population in B.C. to British Honduras proved to be a failur
Honduras Fails
N. Vancouver Colony : Newspaper article after failure to move Hindu colony to Honduras, they will establish a colony in No
N. Vancouver Colony
Negro Sentenced : Newspaper article negro from Field was sentence to six months at Kamloops for vagrancy.
Negro Sentenced
Chinese Restaurant Ad : Newspaper advertisement for Chinese restaurant selling fresh fruit, confectionary, tobaccos and ciga
Chinese Restaurant Ad
Court re Wage Payment : Newspaper article court session case of Chinaman against Wilmer Hotel for unpaid wages.
Court re Wage Payment
Negro Preacher : Newspaper article negro preacher questioned over great racket his congregation caused.
Negro Preacher
Chinese Gambling Corrupts : Newspaper article Nelson police keeping a watchful eye on Chinese quarters after Rossland police rai
Chinese Gambling Corrupts
Chinese New Year : Newspaper article Chinese New Year celebrations a failure as the pyrotechnic display was prohibited.
Chinese New Year
Local Colour : Newspaper article in form of a letter playing on Chinese New Year celebrations.
Local Colour
Local Colour : Newspaper article in form of a letter telling friend of chinese cigars clearing evils out of body an
Local Colour
Japanese Miners : Newspaper article one thousand Japanese heading for Yukon gold fields.
Japanese Miners
Head Tax : Newspaper article bill to be introduced will increase Chinese immigration tax from $50 to $500 per h
Head Tax
Galician Names : Newspaper article urging new immigrants to shorten names to make it easier for registration official
Galician Names
Chinese Finances : Newspaper article Chinese loan arranged with Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank of London, and German Asiat
Chinese Finances
Minstrel Show : Newspaper article ministrel show in Ymir a complete success.
Minstrel Show
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article one mans apprehension of Chinese population in Kootenays rapidly increasing, causi
Chinese Discrimination
Local Color : Newspaper article in form of a letter describing shantytowns of immigrants throught Nelson.
Local Color
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article rumor has Chinese element moving from present location to what is heart of Nelson,
Chinese Discrimination
Italian Labourers : Newspaper editorial comment asking for better gun control after incidences near Kuskanook railway co
Italian Labourers
Chinese Horror : Newspaper article the order to squatter to clear off from Nelson streets and alleys were enforced, b
Chinese Horror
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper excerpt Silvertonian hears of people who express approval to those who hire Chinamen who s
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Prejudice : Newspaper article examination of advantages and disadvantages of Canadian products being offered to
Chinese Prejudice
Nelson Chinatown : Newspaper article rumors of Nelson to have a Chinatown near the skating rink.
Nelson Chinatown
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