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House On Baker : Games, amusements and refreshments were had at social evening hosted by Mrs. J.W. Townsend.
House On Baker
Patricia Cafe Sign Defacing : Cranbrook Court hears testimony from 19 witnesses in a sign destruction case.
Patricia Cafe Sign Defacing
Coyote Bounty : Government bounty of $7.50 on coyote scalps continues until October 31st.
Coyote Bounty
Ackerman Sells to Thomas : Mrs. Thomas take over Pine Tree Confectionery from Mrs. Ackerman.
Ackerman Sells to Thomas
Singer Sewing Machine Store : New and second-hand machines bought and sold at Singer Sewing Machine Store.
Singer Sewing Machine Store
Annual Ball in Auditorium : Cranbrook Gyro Clubs upcoming annual ball to be held in the Auditorium with five-piece orchestra and
Annual Ball in Auditorium
Aunt Lucia : Cranbrook talents showcased in successful production put on by Gyro Club.
Aunt Lucia
Fink & Hodgson : Fink and Hodgson of Cranbrook went on hunting trip, took several novels, ginger snaps and lemonade.
Fink & Hodgson
Grubbe & McQuaid Resign : Cranbrook Board of Trade meeting discusses traffic signs and resignation of two members.
Grubbe & McQuaid Resign
Kootenay Street Lots : Three lots in Cranbrook have been purchased and cleared with a view to building on them.
Kootenay Street Lots
McQuaid Leaves for Coast : Cranbrook residents move to Vancouver after ten years associating themselves with the business, indu
McQuaid Leaves for Coast
Physical Culture Class : Several young men from Cranbrook approached Railway Y.M.C.A. manager with the proposition of startin
Physical Culture Class
Rotary Meeting : Regular meeting of Cranbrook Rotary Club elected Mr. Fink as treasurer to take over for resigned mem
Rotary Meeting
Service Changes Due to Furnace : Cranbrook Knox Presbyterian Church will not hold usual services as new furnace being installed will
Service Changes Due to Furnace
Star Assessment : Cranbrooks Star Theater named one of the finest small town theaters ever seen by world authority on
Star Assessment
Gyro Ball Ad : Everyone invited to annual Gyro Ball held in the Cranbrook Auditorium.
Gyro Ball Ad
Licensed Airport : Board of Trade receives official license for Cranbrook airport.
Licensed Airport
Tennis : Marysville old tennis court is again being used with hopes that an efficient team of players will be
Cranbrook - Relief : Cranbrook City Council making preparations to apply for a share of the federal government's $20,000,
Cranbrook - Relief
Gyro Ball : Cranbrook Gyro Club putting all their energies into getting ready for their annual ball being held i
Gyro Ball
Kimberley-Wasa Highway : Construction of the bridge over Cherry Creek on the Kimberley-Wasa highway is finished.
Kimberley-Wasa Highway
Gold Creek Line Finished : New pipe line on the Gold Creek diversion has been tested out thoroughly, and after strengthening a
Gold Creek Line Finished
Dominion Meat Market & Crows Nest Cleaners : Cranbrook Fire Department called to a small blaze at Dominion Meat Market and a larger one at Crow's
Dominion Meat Market & Crows Nest Cleaners
Crembo Officers : Crembo Club meeting at Y.M.C.A. for election of new officers for upcoming year.
Crembo Officers
Matt Armstrong Ad : French Polisher will repolish old furniture and resilver mirrors.
Matt Armstrong Ad
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