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Canadian Advisory Committee : Kamloops physician speaks at Cranbrook Rotary impressing on the club to urge all foreigners wanting
Canadian Advisory Committee
Mannell : Kootenay Garage accountant is on the sick list.
Mr. Beech Of Flagstone : Mr. and Mrs. Beech returns to Flagstone.
Mr. Beech Of Flagstone
Wings Of Cranbrook : "Wings of Cranbrook" fitted with skis and has no difficulty taking off and landing at the airport.
Wings Of Cranbrook
Aunt Lucia Fundraiser : Fundraiser for Cranbrook swimming pool in the form of a comedy play held in the Auditorium.
Aunt Lucia Fundraiser
Deanery Meeting in Parish Hall : Representatives from East Kootenay towns attended the first deanery meting of the Women's Auxiliary
Deanery Meeting in Parish Hall
Deaths On Construction : Young local Invermere man missing and presumed dead after canoe accident on the Columbia River while
Deaths On Construction
Farmers Institute : Annual district convention and dinner of the Farmers' Institutes of East Kootenay to be held in Cran
Farmers Institute
Fernie Aunt Lucia Play : A party of Cranbrook residents went to Fernie to see their production of "Aunt Lucia", many of the t
Fernie Aunt Lucia Play
McQuaid Retirement : After 55 years of service to the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Mr. McQuaid retires.
McQuaid Retirement
Gyro Ad for Aunt Lucia : Cranbrook Gyro Club sponsoring production of Aunt Lucia in Auditorium.
Gyro Ad for Aunt Lucia
Skookumchuck-in-the-Rockies : Spokane visitors enjoy trip through rockies, with special mention of camp for girls on Premier Lake.
Alaskan Mink to Sweden : Five hundred mink raised in Alaska were brought down to Vancouver, most of the shipment to go to Swe
Alaskan Mink to Sweden
Big Bend Road : Considerable work being done on Big Bend road.
Big Bend Road
Cominco Pay-Day : Largest payday seen in Rossland since their mines closed down, most of the workers are employed in T
Cominco Pay-Day
Creston School Addition : Plans are to enlarge Creston school due to enrolment numbers.
Creston School Addition
East Kootenay Farmers Institutes Meeting : Annual district institute convention of the Farmer's Institutes of East Kootenay to be held in Cranb
East Kootenay Farmers Institutes Meeting
Grand Forks Glider : Grand Forks residents saw a glider in action from a mountain height of 1500 feet and floated through
Grand Forks Glider
Kimberley Bank of Commerce Building : Kimberley's Bank of Commerce building ready for concrete foundation to be poured.
Kimberley Bank of Commerce Building
Kimberley Skating Rink : Kimberley skating rink directors held raffle for a baby Austin car, won by James Whalley.
Kimberley Skating Rink
Nelson Liquor Store : Residents of Nelson protesting against putting the government liquor store in the new Medical Arts b
Nelson Liquor Store
Trail, B.C. : Trail resident fined $25 and costs for using obscene language on Trails main thoroughfare.
Trail, B.C.
Mrs. Lake Obituary : Pioneer merchant and rancher of East Kootenay dies as the result of lingering illness.
Mrs. Lake Obituary
YMCA : YMCA board of directors meet to discuss plans for fall and winter activities.
Bulb Theft : Miss Kimpton's dahlia bulbs in her front yard were dug up and taken away.
Bulb Theft
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