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Son-in-law Richard Webster Dies : Former resident of East Kootenay Richard Webster dies in Vancouver.
Son-in-law Richard Webster Dies
B. Weston : Baker St. business man B. Weston receives visit from his wife from Vancouver.
B. Weston
Cranbrook Foundry Building : Finishing touches being done on the construction of the new Cranbrook Foundry and Machine Shops buil
Cranbrook Foundry Building
Fundraising : Cranbrook District Rod and Gun Club invites all to annual general meeting which will include a smoke
Going To California : Cranbrook residents leaving for California for the winter.
Going To California
Mrs. Garrett : Mrs. C.B. Garrett improving in St. Eugene Hospital with an inflamed eye.
Mrs. Garrett
Paul Doyle : After visiting her husband in Fort Steele, Mrs. Paul Doyle returns to her home in Jacquet River, N.B
Paul Doyle
Pauline Bowness : Cranbrook resident who is attending school at Calgary spends Thanksgiving holiday at home.
Pauline Bowness
Cranbrook Street Premises : Cranbrook Cleaners and Dyers moved back to their place of business after being gutted by a fire.
Cranbrook Street Premises
Theatres-Photographers : Mr. Nelson taking motion pictures of Scandinavian orchestra, with musical accompaniment.
Council Meeting Report : Cranbrook City Council meeting burns midnight oil with large volume on agenda, including proposal of
Council Meeting Report
Council Report : Cranbrook Brewing company asks for a reduction in rates, citing Nelson and Trail breweries pay half
Council Report
Council Report : City Council meeting had Cranbrook Fire Chief stating that when at fires people are driving over the
Council Report
Cranbrook Relief Work : Cranbrook had 250 men registering with city engineer as applicants for relief work.
Cranbrook Relief Work
Logging This Winter : Cranbrook Sash and Door Company logging through the winter even though they have a heavy stock pile
Logging This Winter
New Buildings First Anniversary : Special services, banquet and lecture were well attended at the 1 year anniversary for the United Ba
New Buildings First Anniversary
Potter & Roberts Creditors : First meeting of the creditors to the firm Potter & Roberts to be held in the Hanson block.
Potter & Roberts Creditors
Rink Opening : Weather permitting Arena rink to open for the season.
Rink Opening
Meeting of Provincial Board : Opening sessions of annual meeting for the advisory board of farmers institutes included East Kooten
Meeting of Provincial Board
Telephone Connection : Town of Corbin now connected with extension of Kootenay Telephone Company.
Telephone Connection
Bankruptcy Notice : Newspaper notice of bankruptcy for the Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Company and its owners.
Bankruptcy Notice
Potter & Roberts Bankruptcy : Assignment for the general benefit of creditors between Mr. Potter and Mr. Roberts carrying business
Potter & Roberts Bankruptcy
Jail Hosts Unemployed : Cranbrook city jail takes in 6 to 10 unemployed lodgers every night then they are given breakfast.
Jail Hosts Unemployed
Miss McLeod, Milliner : Baker Street milliner in Cranbrook hospital suffering from high blood pressure and general debility.
Miss McLeod, Milliner
Wordens Driving To California : Due to snow and heavy roads Mrs. Worden went to Spokane by train, while husband driving his car, the
Wordens Driving To California
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