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Fritz Sick : Former resident visits Cranbrook prior to move to the coast.
Fritz Sick
G.B. Willis Of East Kootenay Greenhouses : Father of G.B. Willis of the East Kootenay Greenhouses visits his son.
G.B. Willis Of East Kootenay Greenhouses
Mrs. Finnis House Fire : Fire department called to house on Armstrong Ave to put out small blaze on the roof caused by the ch
Mrs. Finnis House Fire
Pine Tree Owner : Former Pine Tree Confectionery owner expecting to spend the winter in California.
Pine Tree Owner
Armistice Day : Armistice Day Ball held at Cranbrook Auditorium.
Armistice Day
Fire Chiefs Meeting And Training Issues : Chiefs from eight cities in the Kootenays and Boundary met at Nelson to discuss forming a provincial
Fire Chiefs Meeting And Training Issues
Moir Reports On Year : Report of Secretary of Cranbrooks local Amateur Athletic Association.
Moir Reports On Year
Canadian Legion : Fernie Canadian Legion held annual election of officers.
Canadian Legion
Fencing Central School Grounds : Fencing rear of Central School grounds completed, playground to be built after grading and levelling
Fencing Central School Grounds
Canning Ranch : Five day hunting trip in to Moose Lake in the Sheep Creek district.
Canning Ranch
South Ward Closing : Cranbrook school board trustees discuss closing of South Ward School for lack of students, but not i
South Ward Closing
Company Time : Kimberleys Consolidated company set their clocks back to standard time per their custom for several
Company Time
Creston Reclamation Farm : Estimated value of Crestons Reclamation Farm wheat crop is at $50,000.
Creston Reclamation Farm
Fernie Principal Asks For Expulsions : Fernie high school principal asks school board trustees for permission to expel several pupils not i
Fernie Principal Asks For Expulsions
Fined For Blowing Horns : Two Trail men fined for honking their horns and creating a disturbance following a wedding.
Fined For Blowing Horns
George Alexander Dies : Pioneer Kootenay capitalist George Alexander died in England.
George Alexander Dies
Highest In Canada : Highest dam in Canada to be built on the Pend d'Oreille river by West Kootenay Power and Light Compa
Highest In Canada
Hockey Star Leo Desireau : Nelson star hockey player Leo Desireau left for San Francisco to join a professional hockey team.
Hockey Star Leo Desireau
Michel Labour : Michel veterans draw up resolution against hiring natives of countries which fought against the alli
Michel Labour
Mines Closed For Armistice : Mines at Kimberley closed on Monday and Tuesday, instead of Sunday and Monday, so Canadian Legion me
Mines Closed For Armistice
Nelson Prohibition : Nelson police raided Pitner's cafe when full of dancers and diners, but found no liquor.
Nelson Prohibition
Taylor & Hossell : Cranbrook Indoor Miniature Golf Course opening after experiencing delays.
Taylor & Hossell
Cranbrook - Relief : Cranbrook to receive $24,000 to go towards public works undertaken by unemployment relief workers.
Cranbrook - Relief
C.H. Werden Obituary : Late president of B.C. Spruce Mills C.H. Werden is buried in Ashland, WI.
C.H. Werden Obituary
Petite Hat Shoppe : Half price sale for all the latest style hats in felts and velvets.
Petite Hat Shoppe
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