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Ed Timmath : Ed Timmath and his walk-a-thon group.
Ed Timmath
Legendary Harvey Orrsadchuk : Legendary Harvey Orrsadchuk
Legendary Harvey Orrsadchuk
Sarak Soccer Team : Sarak Soccer team Back row L-R: Jim Dewey, Greg Laing, Marcel Hartman, Richard Elmes, Ray Virgoe, Fr
Sarak Soccer Team
Dwayne Wold : Dwayne Wold and sports trophies.
Dwayne Wold
Hockey Award : Bob Griffin presenting a trophy to Mark Waite. Don't know what trophy, what league or what year?
Hockey Award
Hockey Trophy : Definitely a "Hockey Trophy." Does anyone know what league (presumably Valemount), what year?
Hockey Trophy
Canyon Creek Hockey Team : Canyon Creek boys hockey team with Bob Bouck in light jacket.
Canyon Creek Hockey Team
Valemount Fishing Derby : Valemount fishing derby with Bob Beeson & young girl receiving award.
Valemount Fishing Derby
Valemount Boys Volleyball Team : Valemount Boys Volleyball Team: Mr. Wakaruk, Ken Zotek, Jim Alain, Dean Rosenau, Front row: Steven C
Valemount Boys Volleyball Team
Mike Lewis : Mike Lewis dtiving a dump truck at Valemount, B.C.
Mike Lewis
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