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Chinese New Year : Complaint has been made that during the Chinese New Year festivities boys and girls of tender years
Chinese New Year
Chinese Discrimination : Bishop Perrin denies Chinese have had an evil influence on the youthful population of B.C.
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Place : Newspaper excerpt Rossland World - recent debate in B.C. House of Commons had a letter produced by B
Chinese Place
Fernie Italian Band : Italian band formed in Fernie has a leader direct from Italy and 25 new instruments have been purcha
Fernie Italian Band
Chinese Voting : Chinamen allowed to vote in municipal elections in Toronto.
Chinese Voting
Italian Spending : Illustration of different ways in which foreigners regard money, comparing a gang of Swedes and Ital
Italian Spending
Irish Status : Asking if Sir Laurier regards Irishmen in Canada also as foreigners.
Irish Status
Nelson Fall Fair : Nelson Fall Fair parade included a Chinese procession which needed and interpreter to explain the me
Nelson Fall Fair
Coon Hollow : "Coon Hollow" company returning to perform at the Nelson Opera House.
Coon Hollow
Chinese Discrimination : A Nelson gent pledges on his honor that he heard a Chinaman singing an Irish Jacobite song.
Chinese Discrimination
Biggatini : One Biggatini was seen climbing a pole on Cranbrook Street, while his brother engaged in throwing ro
Walkleys Meat Market : Walkley's Cash & Carry Meat Market special pricing on meat and lard.
Walkleys Meat Market
Windermere Experimental Farm : Experimental farm noting although grain prices and hog prices are low many farmers are deciding agai
Windermere Experimental Farm
Circus : Barnes sold his circus for $1,000,000 but left an estate of only $5,000 after much litigations inclu
Cranbrook Autoists : Comings and goings of East Kootenay residents in automobiles, including witnessing boulders smashing
Cranbrook Autoists
Rotary Club : Regular meeting of Cranbrook Rotary Club had a letter read from Cranbrook Gyro club challenging them
Rotary Club
Tennis Equipment : Tennis racquets at 50 per cent off for cash on all tennis racquets.
Tennis Equipment
Cranbrook - Firsts : Initial dance of the Royal Harmony Boys, a Cranbrook orchestra composed of local musicians, was poor
Cranbrook - Firsts
Wycliffe Autoists : Comings and goings of Wycliffe residents and their visitors.
Wycliffe Autoists
Cranbrook Rotary Discuss Oil Well : Cranbook will develop with the introdution of gas piped into the city from a well being drilled at D
Cranbrook Rotary Discuss Oil Well
Government Road Work : New clearing for provincial government roads and farmers taking advantage of burning season has shro
Government Road Work
Relief Road Work : Relief worker meets with tragic death after being struck by a flying fragment of a stump while worki
Relief Road Work
Bull River Autoists : Comings and goings of residents and visitors of Bull River.
Bull River Autoists
Motorcycle : Garnet Patmore endeavored to motorcycle through snow.
Number of Cars : Motor licenses in British Columbia increasing every year.
Number of Cars
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