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Italian Stereotyping : According to Marchesa "What Girl Life in Italy means" with no flirting or love unless it will lead t
Italian Stereotyping
Italian Character : Late Italian statesman who scoffed at the evil eye and hated the church but carried around a revolve
Italian Character
Chinese Masons : Chinese Masons do not hold their meetings in great secrecy as a white man does, because we do not un
Chinese Masons
Sons Of England : Nelson Sons of England hold a grand farewell social for member leaving for work in Kamloops.
Sons Of England
British Society : Young Englishman found dead in a stable while attending a party in MacGregor, Manitoba.
British Society
Chinese Discrimination : Winnipeg matrons perplexed over not finding servant girls, Chinese must not like the climate.
Chinese Discrimination
Coon Entertainment : Nelson entertained two nights by the "Coon Hollow" company.
Coon Entertainment
English Clubmen : British laws give men the right to band themselves together for social purposes, and Canadians are j
English Clubmen
Chinese New Year : Chinese making preparations for a big celebration for upcoming Chinese New Year.
Chinese New Year
Army Call-up : Italian government calls all Canadian railroad employees who belong to the army to go fight for them
Army Call-up
Alien Vote : Vancouver municipal elections will no longer allow aliens to vote.
Alien Vote
Stereotypes : City preacher declares that Adam was a colored man.
British Lionization : British officers do not like the colonials in their regiments.
British Lionization
Smuggling Chinese : Smuggling Chinese over the border from Canada is a thriving business at Cascade.
Smuggling Chinese
Doukhobor Coverage : Description of immigrants in the Winnipeg station, a study of Englishmen, Doukhobors and Galicians.
Doukhobor Coverage
Chinese Discrimination : While Mr. Houston discussed the perplexing problem with the Chinese, he should keep in mind that he
Chinese Discrimination
Personal Statement : Anti-chinese agitator recommending several Chinese he employed as gardeners and wood cutters.
Personal Statement
Chinese Servants : Those who talk against the employment of Chinese as house servants know very little about the subjec
Chinese Servants
Chinese Miners : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver Province - the danger of employing Chinese labour is abundantly shown in
Chinese Miners
Chinese Assaults : Molestation of Chinamen in Nanaimo is the only police court charges on dock of late.
Chinese Assaults
Bulgarian Gypsies : Bulgarian nomads in Victoria causing anxiety to the sanitary and other authorities.
Bulgarian Gypsies
Political Support : Italians who voted to a man for Mr. Houston feeling keenly the affront put upon their representative
Political Support
Chinese Murder : Circumstances surrounding the murder of a Chinese merchant at Steveston has three Chinese witnesses
Chinese Murder
Chinese Discrimination : Grand Forks Sun - open door of far east should not be closed until all the Orientals get home. Anot
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Sentenced : Two Chinamen setenced to eight to ten years in the penitentiary in Vancouver for falsely accusing a
Chinese Sentenced
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