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Thomas Roberts Obit : Newspaper obituary of former Cranbrook old-time resident.
Thomas Roberts Obit
Armour And Kennedy : Newspaper article looking back 50 years announcing opening of club cigar store and billiard parlor.
Armour And Kennedy
Opening Bull River : Newspaper article Kootenay Trout Hatchery at Bull River officially opened.
Opening Bull River
3 Killed In Explosion : Newspaper article three muckers blown up and killed in accidental explosion of dynamite.
3 Killed In Explosion
Immigration Numbers : Newspaper article past seventeen months Japanese, Chinese and Hindoo number of arrivals in B.C.
Immigration Numbers
Japanese Invasion : Newspaper article as long as they are free of disease and have 25 dollars any Japanese can come to C
Japanese Invasion
Chinese Fired : Newspaper article Kelowna Leaf Tobacco company fired Chinese workers and replaced them with white me
Chinese Fired
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article editor makes suggestion of sentence Chinese must write in intelligible English as
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Segregated In School : Newspaper article Central school in Vancouver weeded out Orientals over the age of sixteen to be seg
Chinese Segregated In School
Chinese Miners : Newspaper article certificate on competency required of each coal miner proving he is sufficiently c
Chinese Miners
Chinese Wedding : Newspaper article Chinese wedding took place in Field.
Chinese Wedding
Chinese Bakery Ad : Newspaper advertisement bakery dealing in fruits, confectionary, tobaccos and cigars.
Chinese Bakery Ad
Chinese Restaurant Ad : Newspaper advertisement Hop Lee Restaurant open till 1 am.
Chinese Restaurant Ad
Murder Of Miss King : Newspaper article reporting upcoming trial for murder of man who killed a women while attempting to
Murder Of Miss King
Head Tax : Newspaper article no hindus, but 450 chinese arrived with 105 of them paying $500 head tax.
Head Tax
Chinese Burial At Revelstoke : Newspaper article Chinaman died just as train pulled into Golden station, remains carried through to
Chinese Burial At Revelstoke
British Discrimination : Newspaper article Englishmen feel discriminated upon by city works, but engineer says newly arrived
British Discrimination
Chinese Burial At Revelstoke : Newspaper article another Chinaman died on westbound train and body was carried through to Revelstok
Chinese Burial At Revelstoke
English Buy Ranch : Newspaper article an English party purchases Big House Ranch in Radium.
English Buy Ranch
Hindu Bias : Newspaper article describing Canada as a Garden of Eden over-run by swarms of locusts and mosquitoes
Hindu Bias
Hindus In Sawmills : Newspaper article two Hindus to every white man is employed at local sawmill.
Hindus In Sawmills
Hindu Retaliation : Newspaper article narrowly averted tragedy at local sawmill when foreman caught bunch of Hindus send
Hindu Retaliation
Head Tax : Newspaper article first five months of fiscal year shows 2,095 Chinese entered Canada paying a head
Head Tax
Hindus to Honduras : Newspaper article Hindus being shipped from British Columbia to British Honduras to build railways.
Hindus to Honduras
Hindu Exodus : Newspaper article after seventy-five Hindus left Golden there is a wish that the rest of them would
Hindu Exodus
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