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Alone On A Raft : Unidentified woman poling on a raft during high water near Salmo, B.C.
Alone On A Raft
Winnie Bonderoff and the Bees : The Bonderoff farm with the old house to the left and the new house without the front porch. Winnie
Winnie Bonderoff and the Bees
Bonderoff Farm : Grasndmother Nastya to left and grandfather William Bonderoff in background. Brothers and sister Ph
Bonderoff Farm
Salmo Class Photo : Salmo class photo with Gordon Pictin (possibly) at extreme left in back row and Winnie Bonderoff 5th
Salmo Class Photo
Salmo People : Unidentified children, presumably Salmo, B.C.
Salmo People
Salmo Class Photo : Class photo in Salmo, B.C. with Winnie Bonderoff 2nd from right in front row.
Salmo Class Photo
Molly Pictin & Nick Bonderoff : Molly Pictin Bonderoff and Nicholas Bonderoff, happy with each other in front of Anne Pictin's home
Molly Pictin & Nick Bonderoff
Phillip Bonderoff : Phillip Bonderoff walking in from the highway on the Bonderoff farm south of Salmo, B.C.
Phillip Bonderoff
Nicholas Bonderoff : Nick Bonderoff of Salmo in the middle, with unidentified children on either side.
Nicholas Bonderoff
Salmo Farm : Unidentified people (possibly Nick and Molly Bonderoff) on the Bonderoff farm south of Salmo, B.C.
Salmo Farm
Nastya Bonderoff & Ruby Chernoff : Nastya Bonderoff and her relative Ruby Chernoff on the Bonderoff farm near Salmo, B.C.
Nastya Bonderoff & Ruby Chernoff
Konkin & Bonderoff : Elizabeth Chernoff Konkin and Winnie Bonderoff, together.
Konkin & Bonderoff
Bonderoff Farm : Winnie Bonderoff with her mom Nastya (Nora) in front of the Bonderoff home.
Bonderoff Farm
Woman and Child : Unidentified people in the snow on a farm south of Salmo, B.C.
Woman and Child
Marcy Maloff : Nicholas Bonderoff's cousin Marcy Maloff, with child.
Marcy Maloff
Ruby Chernoff : Another Bonderoff relative, Ruby Chernoff.
Ruby Chernoff
Bonderoff Family Photo : From left - Polly Markin Bonderoff, Phillip Bonderoff, Olga Pictin Gritchin and Harry Chernoff.
Bonderoff Family Photo
Bill Chernoff : Harry Chernoff on his motorcycle at Appledale, B.C. Elaine added: This photo is of Bill Chernoff, n
Bill Chernoff
Nick Bonderoff : Nick Bonderoff with his Dad Bill's first truck, at Salmo.
Nick Bonderoff
Winnie Planidin : Winnie Bonderoff Planidin in front of her new Salmo house with daughter Beverley.
Winnie Planidin
Len and Nadya Bonderoff : Len Bonderoff with his grandmother Nadya (Nora) Bonderoff in front of her second house on the Bonder
Len and Nadya Bonderoff
Bonderoff Family : The Bonderoff family on Bill and Nadya Boderoff's farm south of Salmo, B.C. Back row, from left: Ni
Bonderoff Family
Bonderoff Home : Living room interior of the second house on the Bonderoff farm south of Salmo, B.C. Couple on the
Bonderoff Home
Osachoffs and Bonderoffs : Pete and Helen Osachoff (Nora's sister) with Nadya (Nora) and Bill Bonderoff.
Osachoffs and Bonderoffs
Osachoff Family : Peter and Helen Osachoff.
Osachoff Family
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