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CPR Locomotive #2373 : CPR Locomotive #2373 at Lethbridge, AB. Used on the Kettle Valley and at Medicine Hat, AB.
CPR Locomotive #2373
Lethbridge Roundhouse and Turntable : An overview of the Lethbridge CPR railway yard, showing the roundouse and turntable - 1954
Lethbridge Roundhouse and Turntable
CPR Locomotives #2384 &5237 : CPR Locomotive #2384 at the Lethbridge Station. The water tower and coal loading are in the backgro
CPR Locomotives #2384 &5237
Building the Alaska Highway : Canadian Pacific locomotives transporting road-building equipment out of Lethbridge, AB, bound for t
Building the Alaska Highway
Alaska Highway Construction : American equipment on its way to Alask to build highway - in the Lethbridge CPR yard, 1940.
Alaska Highway Construction
CPR Locomotive #1232 : CPR locomtive #1232 at Lethbridge, AB, 1957.
CPR Locomotive #1232
CPR Locomotive #2592 : CPR locomotive #2592 at Lethbridge, AB.
CPR Locomotive #2592
Lethbridge Collieries : An overview of the Lethbridge Collieries, Shaft #3 - 1923-1926.
Lethbridge Collieries
CPR Locomotive : A CPR steam locomotive in Nelson, B.C. - 1948.
CPR Locomotive
CPR Locomotive #2586 : CPR locomotive #2586 in an accident at Lethbridge, AB in 1942-43.
CPR Locomotive #2586
Rampart, BC : Rampart, B.C., 10 miles east of Cranbrook. The Rocky Mountains are visible in the background.
Rampart, BC
Ranch on "Baker Hill" : The city of Cranbrook is situated on "Joseph's Prairie" - a traditional grazing land for the Kootena
Ranch on
Hydraulic Mining on Wild Horse Creek : Mining was a great generator of economic activity for Cranbrook from 1898 onwards after the railway
Hydraulic Mining on Wild Horse Creek
St. Eugene Mission : The Saint Eugene Mission, just north of Cranbrook about 7 miles, was established by Jesuit missionar
St. Eugene Mission
Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Railway : Locomotives from the Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Railway at Fernie - 1949.
Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Railway
Union Pacific Train Car # 999 : Union Pacific Railway train car #999 photgraphed on official visit to Vancouver in 1939.
Union Pacific Train Car # 999
CPR Private Car : A CPR private car in 1952-53.
CPR Private Car
CPR Locomotive #1274 : CPR locomotive #1274 - A1200 Series used on the Kettle Valley line. Steam cleaning in Winnipeg, 1957
CPR Locomotive #1274
The Locomotive Dunrobin : Unloading of the Dunrobin locomotive at Victoria, B.C. in 1966. It took 4 hours to unload. This lo
The Locomotive Dunrobin
CPR Locomotive #3757 : CPR Locomotive #3757 at Frank, AB - 1941.
CPR Locomotive #3757
Lethbridge CPR Station : The CPR station at Lethbridge, AB - 1955-56.
Lethbridge CPR Station
Lake Louise Tramway : Lake Louise Tramway running from the CPR mainline station to Chateau Lake Louise. The Tramway has n
Lake Louise Tramway
CPR Locomotive #2592 : Medicine Hat-Lethbridge Express entering Lethbridge - Nov. 20, 1957
CPR Locomotive #2592
Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Railway : A passenger coach of the Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Railway - at Fernie - 1965. Now at Heritage Park
Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Railway
Kimberley Salvaged Rubber : A boxcar of rubber salvaged by the Red Cross in Kimberley, B.C. Another example of Canada's local w
Kimberley Salvaged Rubber
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