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Chinese Plays : No Chinese women are allowed on stage by decree of an Empress from 1736.
Chinese Plays
Federal Chinese Commission : Four years after election Liberal party appoints Chinese commission on eve of new election.
Federal Chinese Commission
The Chinese Scare : London England invaded by a host of Chinese laundrymen.
The Chinese Scare
Japanese Voting : Japanese of B.C. are determined to test the constitutionality of the provincial law which bars them
Japanese Voting
Chinese Filthy : Chinaman commits suicide head downwards in a water barrel.
Chinese Filthy
Unacceptable Chinese : Suggestions made to force Chinese, Japanese and Italians to live like regular white men and maybe th
Unacceptable Chinese
Chinese Ban : Labor organizations of Nelson adopted a resolution pledging its members to discourage employment or
Chinese Ban
Chinese Commission Appointments : Mr. Foley appointed on the Chinese Commission to start thoroughly probing the Chinese problem.
Chinese Commission Appointments
Regulating Immigration : Act to regulate immigration in B.C. with the intention to protect our workingmen from competition of
Regulating Immigration
Ban Chinese : Citizens should be aware of the continual flow into B.C. of the Chinese in alarming proportions.
Ban Chinese
Colored Joke : Joke about an Englishman trying to catch a train.
Colored Joke
Irish Drunks : Irish people have been named the most drunken race in Christendom.
Irish Drunks
Chinese Immigration : Announcement that Archibald Johnson has decided to lend a hand to organize labor in its fight agains
Chinese Immigration
Rossland Minstrels : Rossland organizing another minstrel club.
Rossland Minstrels
Chinese Discrimination : Londoners beginning to fear a Chinese invasion as Chinamen are to be imported wholesale to work at a
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Commission : Chinese Commission in Victoria has shown the sentiment of the people to be overwelmingly in favor of
Chinese Commission
Nelson Minstrel Club : Nelson Minstrels upcoming performance expected to be quite up to their usual standard.
Nelson Minstrel Club
Italian Labour : Rumor of charters for railroads being built with cheap foreign labor.
Italian Labour
Chinese Competition : Now that the Chinese Commission has shown that the Chinese have indeed taken over the labour market,
Chinese Competition
Chinese Commission : Evidence before Chinese Commission in Nanaimo again shows the Chinese have invaded every area of the
Chinese Commission
Chinese Lepers : Correspondent for Outlook points out the Chinese Commission should also be looking into how many of
Chinese Lepers
Chinese Squatters Nelson : Nelson Chinese said to be squatting in public parks and recreation grounds.
Chinese Squatters Nelson
Chinese Commission : Royal Commission sits in Nelson to inquire into Chinese and Japanese immigration into B.C.
Chinese Commission
Chinese Labour : Sanitary Inspector of British Columbia feels we should give all jobs to white men at resonable wages
Chinese Labour
Chinese Discrimination : Joke involving Chinese converting to Christianity and the collection plate.
Chinese Discrimination
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