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Cecil Prest : Cecil Prest goes to Moyie for the summer to take care of G.H. Miner branch store there.
Cecil Prest
Prest Studios : Cranbrook undertaker has his place of business photographed.
Prest Studios
Reverend Holford : Rev. Holford delivers principal address in Fernie to returned Strathcona boys.
Reverend Holford
George Wentworth : George Wentworth to arrive in Cranbrook with several horses for the races.
George Wentworth
Baker Hill : Wild Horse pioneer comes to Cranbrook and remembers when Baker hill had only one log hut, instead of
Baker Hill
Baptist Church : Upcoming Baptist Church service in Cranbrook will be "The Weeded Garden" with a special meeting for
Baptist Church
Baptist Church : Upcoming Baptist Church service entitled "An Human Camera on Christian Charity vs Slander".
Baptist Church
CPR Photos : C.P.R. man in Cranbrook to photograph all the old bridges and trestles along the entire CPR system.
CPR Photos
Leask Hall : Upcoming meeting of the Royal Templars to be held in Leask hall.
Leask Hall
Perry Creek Hotel : Wagon load of provisions and furniture left Cranbrook for new hotel opening in Old Town.
Perry Creek Hotel
Cecil Prest : Cecil Prest returns from running G.H. Miners branch in Moyie for several weeks and is now behind the
Cecil Prest
Dewdney Trail : Newspaper excerpt Spokane Review - interviews ex-Governor George Dewdney on the reasoning behind and
Dewdney Trail
Cranbrook Odd Fellows : Asking all Cranbrook Odd Fellows to be in full attendance for upcoming meeting to prepare for upcomi
Cranbrook Odd Fellows
Canadian Bank of Commerce : Cranbrook branch Canadian Bank of Commerce with general banking business transacted and deposits rec
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Support for Park : Letter to Cranbrook City Council from a Cranbrook citizen urging them to proceed with a public park
Support for Park
Cenotaph & Wasa Hotel : Cranbrook Veterans sprucing up their club grounds and building and planting walks around memorial. W
Cenotaph & Wasa Hotel
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club luncheon topped the list for genuine hospitality and good fellowship.
Cranbrook Rotary
Clapp : Mr. and Mrs. Clapp leave for Rochester to consult the famous specialists, Mayo brothers.
Park & Pool : Cranbrook City Council had a long regular monthly meeting dealing with park and pool by-law, cost of
Park & Pool
Doukhobors : Newspaper editorial with poem about Doukhobors nude protests that made their leader throw up the spo
C.P.R. Movie Documentaries : C.P.R. moving picture department in Kimberley on their trip to B.C. mines for the purpose of getting
C.P.R. Movie Documentaries
Fernie Autoists : Newspaper excerpt Fernie Free Press - well-known and highly respected young couple in Fernie get mar
Fernie Autoists
Marysville Autoists : Mrs. Bidder entertain a party of relatives and guests at a picnic to celebrate three birthdays, and
Marysville Autoists
Park & Pool By-Law : City of Cranbrook adopted By-Law to borrow $10,000 for the purpose of purchasing land and establishi
Park & Pool By-Law
Fred Ryckman : Fred Ryckman from Fort Steele motored to Cranbrook and returned with government entomologist for his
Fred Ryckman
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