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Navy League : Active campaign being inaugerated to induce the people of Canada to take an interest in the Navy Lea
Navy League
Halifax Disaster Funds : Acknowledging donations to Halifax Disaster Fund.
Halifax Disaster Funds
Nigel Thompson : Private Thompson of Cranbrook was able to spend a few days at home.
Nigel Thompson
Farm Production : Department of Agriculture points out the absolute necessity of farmers throughout the Dominion incre
Farm Production
Appeal Court : Judge Thompson returned from Fernie after hearing appeals under the Military Service Act, with furth
Appeal Court
H. G. Morris : Mr. Morris, manual training teacher to spend Christmas holidays at the Coast.
H. G. Morris
Mining Discrimination : Mine owner J. Robertson only hires english-speaking workmen in his mine.
Mining Discrimination
Owner Avarice : Reports of alien mine-owner importing alien labour so he can more rapidly absorb the mineral wealth
Owner Avarice
Coontown 400 : Coontown 400 musical successful and always welcome in Nelson.
Coontown 400
Sandon Boycotts Coontown : Sandon boycotts Nelson Minstrels.
Sandon Boycotts Coontown
Baby Bonus : Editor from Ontario suggest bonusing babies as means of solving the problem of filling up Canadian n
Baby Bonus
Japanese Discrimination : Great Northern Railway lands another shipload of Japanese who are being rushed in to help complete c
Japanese Discrimination
Oriental Labour : Toronto Telegram voices its opinion on British Columbias troubles with oriental cheap labor.
Oriental Labour
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article Mr. Dunsmuir of Wellington Colliery Company advertising for white miners to take p
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Discrimination : Great anti-Chinese agitator has assumed responsibility for the general conduct and actions of the Li
Chinese Discrimination
Italian Disguise : Baden-Powell plays trick on crowd by disguising himself as an Italian count.
Italian Disguise
Chinese Discrimination : Figures from Parliament fiscal year of 1898-9 showing revenue derived from Chinese poll-tax.
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper excerpt Los Angeles Mining Review - talking about the deluge of Chinese and Manchurian peo
Chinese Discrimination
Japanese Fishermen : Militia called out to protect Japanese who went back to work at cannery station after they returned
Japanese Fishermen
Japanese Immigration : Japanese government forbids the emigration of any more of its subjects to Canada.
Japanese Immigration
Chinese Discrimination : Revelstoke community makes a resolution to have no dealings with the Chinese in their midst - neithe
Chinese Discrimination
Wild Horse Gold : Wild Horse placer mines being worked.
Wild Horse Gold
Chinese Discrimination : Chinamans conception of life insurance illustrated amusingly in this incident.
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Discrimination : Chinamen in British Columbia raise money to be devoted to the enlistment of an army to protect the C
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Exclusion : Mr. Dunsmuirs claim to have no Chinese in his mines wasn't only a political ploy, he is actively doi
Chinese Exclusion
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