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Barber Shop Ad : Pioneer barber shop.
Barber Shop Ad
Heinze : Heinze building Trail Creek Tramway and developing the Trail Creek Smelting Co.
Mining Tax : Delegation re mining taxes.
Mining Tax
Northport Fire : Business section burned.
Northport Fire
Offshore Investment : British looking to invest in B.C. mining.
Offshore Investment
Powell Boots : Newspaper advertisement
Powell Boots
Revelstoke Smelter : Rejuvenation possible for the Revelstoke smelter.
Revelstoke Smelter
Rossland Boosting : Newspaper
Rossland Boosting
Rossland Mine Disaster : Explosion at the Center Star kills many.
Rossland Mine Disaster
Ryan : Newspaper advertisement for accountant
Smelter News : Smelter running on wood.
Smelter News
Trail Liquor License : Urquhart to sell liquor.
Trail Liquor License
Trail Merchants : Businesses growing and changing.
Trail Merchants
Trail People : Various Trail citizens.
Trail People
Trail School : School commenced.
Trail School
Trail Stage Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Trail Stage Ad
Transportation Company : Building of SS Kokanee and schedule of SS Lytton.
Transportation Company
Mail Hours : Mail postage schedule.
Mail Hours
Trail Pamphlet : Great description of very early Trail and of transportation to that city.
Trail Pamphlet
Genelle and Co. : Genelle Lumber mills and yard.
Genelle and Co.
Tramway : Rolling stock for the Tramway.
Baseball : Organizing for baseball season.
Bravery Medal : Received by Mr. Sproat.
Bravery Medal
Chinese Gardens : Planting in Dublin Gulch.
Chinese Gardens
Deer Park : An expansive description of Deer Park before development.
Deer Park
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