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Fosmo War Letter : Copy of letter received by resident in Cranbrook from soldier fighting in France.
Fosmo War Letter
Victory Bonds Ad : Newspaper advertisement urging all Canadian citizens to buy Canada's Victory Bonds to help support o
Victory Bonds Ad
War Letter : Letter from soldier at the front describing uncertainty of life in war.
War Letter
GWVA Formed : Great War Veterans Association branch newly formed in Cranbrook, with election of officers.
GWVA Formed
War Letter : Letter from soldier to his mother describing how there is no rest along the front no matter what the
War Letter
Military Prisoner Doherty : Wasa man arrested as an absentee under the Military Service Act, being held awaiting word from milit
Military Prisoner Doherty
War Letter : Letter from Major Reverend Canon Shatford to Senator Foster asking conditions of things politically
War Letter
Military Con Men : Two invalided soldiers from Calgary were stopped in Cranbrook after trying to fleece residents.
Military Con Men
War Letter : Letter from army to Mrs. Bidder of Cranbrook, informing her of the death of her son.
War Letter
Appeal Tribunal : Hearing of appeals against decisions of Local Military Tribunal No. 26, Cranbrook, for locals who fe
Appeal Tribunal
Military Deserters : Military escort on way to Cranbrook to take charge of two deserters held there.
Military Deserters
Air Force : Telegram received by Dr. Green of Cranbrook asking for men of certain trades to apply for the Royal
Air Force
Halifax Explosion : Cranbrook Mayor Clapp telegraphed Mayor of Halifax asking what they needed to assist them after the
Halifax Explosion
War Letter : Letter from a Cranbrook man in the trenches of France.
War Letter
Appeals Tribunal : Cranbrook Military Exemption Tribunal have completed their sittings with list of exemptions granted
Appeals Tribunal
Quebec Comments : Quebec lost her fight against conscription.
Quebec Comments
Farmers Exemptions : Final Court of Appeal declares it is essential that Agriculture Production not be diminished by farm
Farmers Exemptions
Balfour Sanitarium : Fort Steele private killed in action, and donations from Fort Steele citizens to soldiers, wives and
Balfour Sanitarium
Waldo I.O.D.E. : Regular meeting of Waldo I.O.D.E. to discuss the possibility of investing in a Victory Bond.
Waldo I.O.D.E.
War Foods : Food Controller been given authority to license dealers in food supplies.
War Foods
Womens Institute Parcels : Thank you letters from boys on the front who received care parcels from Canbrook Women's Institute.
Womens Institute Parcels
Victory Bonds : One person out of every ten in Canada bought Victory Bonds.
Victory Bonds
War Foods : Food Controller states Canada's supply of pork products for export to the Allied nations must be inc
War Foods
War Letters : Letter from soldier from the front describing hospital stay after being gassed.
War Letters
Veteran Employment : Employment agency started in Cranbrook by two returned wounded soldiers in effort to get employment
Veteran Employment
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