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Columbia & Red Mountain RR : President Cleveland gives sweeping rights to railway company for use of Colville Reservation lands.
Columbia & Red Mountain RR
Columbia & Western RR : Federal government receives proposal to build the Columbia and Western Railway from Rossland to Pent
Columbia & Western RR
Coursier : Coursier brings new millinery stock.
Fire Department : Meeting to elect fire wardens.
Fire Department
Heinze : Heinze promoting the Columbia and Western Railway and moving to Trail.
Hotel Notes : Changes in hotel management and structures.
Hotel Notes
Paints : Trail gets a new outlook.
Parish Feed Store : Parish to open new feed store.
Parish Feed Store
Personal Items : District news of a wide variety.
Personal Items
River Travel : SS Lytton between Trail and Northport Wa.
River Travel
Rossland Catholic Church : Naming and blessing of Rossland Catholic church
Rossland Catholic Church
Sick Brewery : Sick is building a brewery at Trail.
Sick Brewery
Smelter Notes : Butte Montana residents moving to Trail to work.
Smelter Notes
SS Lytton : SS Lytton very busy.
SS Lytton
Trail Brewery : Trail Brewery to be licensed
Trail Brewery
Trail Development : "Trail, the town where Smelters grow" to have a Board of Trade.
Trail Development
Trail Development : Trail becoming a centre for mining and smelting industry.
Trail Development
Trail Development : CPR to boom a new townsite additional to Trail.
Trail Development
Trail Hotel Notes : Ownership of hotel changes hands.
Trail Hotel Notes
Trail Merchants : Retail stores in Trail building and expanding.
Trail Merchants
Trail Photographer : Vancouver photographer shooting Trail.
Trail Photographer
Trail Postal Notes : Trail mail schedule
Trail Postal Notes
Trail Real Estate : Real estate action in Trail.
Trail Real Estate
Trail School : Schoolhouse soon to open.
Trail School
Tramway Notes : Building the Trail Creek Tramway.
Tramway Notes
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