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Baker Lumber Company : Notice given that Baker Lumber Co. applied for licence to take and use water out of Plumbob Creek.
Baker Lumber Company
Cranbrook Schools : South Ward School Divisions 1 and 2 listing perfect attendance and honor rolls.
Cranbrook Schools
Cranbrook Schools : Regular monthly School Trustees meeting paying salaries and bills.
Cranbrook Schools
Farmers Institute : Annual meeting of Cranbrook Farmers' Institute elected directors and officers for coming year.
Farmers Institute
Hamilton Property : For sale 80 acres of property in Creston District, or lease with options to buy.
Hamilton Property
King Edwards School : Surprise party given by the elder day scholars to the boarders of King Edwards' School before they d
King Edwards School
Watts Letter : Newspaper letter to the editor - challenging Reverend Keyworth to meet Mr. Watts at a public platfor
Watts Letter
Women Voting : Congratulating women for their turnout in voting.
Women Voting
Amateur Dramatic Company : Newspaper article Cranbrook Amateur Dramatic Company leaving for Creston to present "Green Stockings
Amateur Dramatic Company
Cranbrook Churches : Relating events that were held in the different churches in Cranbrook over the Christmas season.
Cranbrook Churches
Cranbrook Entertainment : Isolde Menges and her $20,000 Stradivarius to vist Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Entertainment
Cranbrook Poultry : Cranbrook represented at Poultry Convention in Kamloops.
Cranbrook Poultry
Cranbrook Schools : Christmas examinations of Cranbrook High School listed in order of merit.
Cranbrook Schools
Cranbrook Schools : Cranbrook High School teachers and pupils entertain the teachers of Central School.
Cranbrook Schools
Alan Graham : Grahams of Fernie spent Christmas as guests of Judge and Mrs. Thompson.
Alan Graham
Knox Church Entertainment : Describing Christmas entertainment given by the Cranbrook Presbyterian Sunday School in Knox Church.
Knox Church Entertainment
Poultry Association : Reminding members and citizens of upcoming meeting at City Hall to discuss Poultry Association show
Poultry Association
Rex Theatre : Rex Theatre admission prices must be raised due to increased cost of Film Service.
Rex Theatre
Womens Institute : Annual meeting of Women's Institute to take place later in week with election of officers for 1918.
Womens Institute
Creston Soldiers Colony : National Service Board urged to have government drain 25,000 acres and settle returned heroes on lan
Creston Soldiers Colony
Richardson Wounded : Officer Commanding 'B' Company, 225th Battalion who trained in Cranbrook was wounded in France.
Richardson Wounded
War Food Regulations : Regulation for restricting use of beef, bacon and white bread in public eating places.
War Food Regulations
Soldier Rehab : Listing what every disabled soldier should know.
Soldier Rehab
War Foods : Britian and her Allies need an extra 160,000,000 bushels of wheat more than Canada and United States
War Foods
Capt. Henshaw Lecture : Capt. Henshaw to give an illustrated lecture on "The Fields of France" including experience in conva
Capt. Henshaw Lecture
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