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Womens Institute : Women's Institute conference started with auto tour to towns around Cranbrook, returning to a banque
Womens Institute
Baptist Church : Special Sunday evening services for Cranbrook Baptist Church.
Baptist Church
Canal Flats : Mr. Archer, rancher from Canal Flats visits friends in Cranbrook.
Canal Flats
H. A. Chisholm : Fort Steele resident leaving for Owen Sound, Ont. to meet up with wife who has been having an extend
H. A. Chisholm
Garrett : Advance agent for new musical show to appear at the Auditorium visits Cranbrook.
Alan Graham : Barrister and Solicitor of Fernie visits Cranbrook as a former resident.
Alan Graham
George Hogarth : Proprietor of Cranbrook Hotel off to Calgary to spend Thanksgiving with twin sons who are attending
George Hogarth
Methodist Church : Announcing upcoming services being held at Cranbrook Methodist Church.
Methodist Church
Rex Theatre : St. John Ambulance showing famous picture at Rex Theatre.
Rex Theatre
St. John Ambulance : Regular meeting for St. John Ambulance to be postponed due to benefit night at Rex Theatre.
St. John Ambulance
The Auditorium : New managers of Auditorium Theatre have secured big musical extravaganza for their opening show.
The Auditorium
Walkley : Mrs. Walkley thanks members of Methodist Ladies' Aid for sending flowers while she was in hospital.
Wasa Hotel : Hhunting and fishing enthusiasts welcome with reasonable rates.
Wasa Hotel
City Council : Cranbrook City Council monthly meeting, paying of accounts due, repairs and maintenance on city serv
City Council
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co. : Drugstore sale on Beef Iron and Wine, to cure debility, exhaustion, improverishment of the blood.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
Kimberley Lot Sale : Government owned lots in Kimberley Townsite offered for sale by public auction.
Kimberley Lot Sale
J. D. McBride : Motor washing machine sale with only a few left.
J. D. McBride
Star Cleaners : Sale on cleaning lady and gent's suits, french dry cleaned and pressed for $1.50.
Star Cleaners
Agriculture : St. Mary Prairie Potatoes, clean and dry and delivered.
Cranbrook Trading Company : New Cash Grocery and Meat Store opened, strictly on a cash basis to enable reasonable prices.
Cranbrook Trading Company
Little & Atchison : Advertisement offering supplies and sales on items to send in parcels to the boys overseas at the fr
Little & Atchison
McCreery Bros. : Cranbrook's dry goods and clothing stores prices on suits, overcoats, winter underwear, and sweater
McCreery Bros.
Police Court : Two cases of selling liquor against the Prohibition Act in court.
Police Court
Garrett : Cranbrook Taxidermist re-opened for hunting season.
Cranbrook Spy : Former Cranbrook man arrested as a spy.
Cranbrook Spy
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