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Flintstone Characters : Window box with Flintstone characters, Valemount, BC
Flintstone Characters
Welcome Sign : Painting hand carved sign "Welcome to Valemount, BC"
Welcome Sign
Sweeper : Sweeper on Fifth Ave and Highway intersection, Valemount, BC
Motel : Presumed a photo of highway that passes by motel, Valemount, BC
Sprinkler system : New underground sprinklers for Valemount cemetery.
Sprinkler system
School Construction : Interior of new elementary classroom section. Opening early 1975, Valemount, BC
School Construction
Ramp : Valemount, B.C. - Ramp inside unknown building
Playgrounds : Preparing grounds with mini tractor for playground, Valemount, BC
Macleods Damaged : Al Hutchinson sweeping in front of Macleod's Store which has been run into by a vehicle. Valemount,
Macleods Damaged
Street Hockey : Boys playing street hockey, Valemount, BC
Street Hockey
Village Office : Old Village office, Valemount, BC
Village Office
New Construction : Carpenters working on new structure, area of Valemount, BC unknown.
New Construction
Mall Signage : The structure is a sign for the mall located on Karas Dr. Valemount, BC
Mall Signage
Foundation laid : Footings for new structure, Valemount, BC
Foundation laid
KOA Construction : KOA construction in process, Valemount, BC
KOA Construction
KOA Construction : KOA construction in process, Valemount, BC
KOA Construction
New Construction : Carpenters starting new construction, Valemount, BC
New Construction
New Construction : Carpenter working inside new building, Valemount, BC
New Construction
Concrete Forms : Building concrete forms for new building, Valemount, BC
Concrete Forms
New Construction : Ditch dug for sewer lines? Valemount, BC
New Construction
New Business : Presumed to be construction of Husky Service Station, Valemount, BC
New Business
Development Plans : Artist's concept of new Husky store/service station, Valemount, BC
Development Plans
Machine Service Shop : Mel Torgerson built this machine service building; now belongs to Don Beeson, Valemount, BC
Machine Service Shop
Office Complex : Village office, library, fire hall and siren, Valemount, BC
Office Complex
School Construction : New school for Valemount, B.C.
School Construction
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