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Coursiers General Store : Mention of various products for sale in Trail.
Coursiers General Store
CPR Survey : Surveying railway line between Robson and Trail.
CPR Survey
Crown Point Hotel Ad : Peterson proprietor of Crown Point.
Crown Point Hotel Ad
Crown Point Guests : Newspaper items re Trail visitors.
Crown Point Guests
Fotheringham : Fotheringham child ill.
Genelle Lumber Ad : Ad for Genelle's Trail sawmill.
Genelle Lumber Ad
Genelle Mill at Trail Creek Landing : Sawmill cutting contract for the smelter.
Genelle Mill at Trail Creek Landing
Glover Claim : Mining developments at Ft. Sheppard.
Glover Claim
Heinze Tramway : Constructing railway between Trail and Rossland.
Heinze Tramway
Heinze Visits Trail : Looking after smelter and railway interests and photographing same.
Heinze Visits Trail
Hotel Allan Ad : Advertisement for Hotel Allan in Rossland.
Hotel Allan Ad
I.N. Knight Ad : Newspaper advertisement
I.N. Knight Ad
James Anderson : The duties of a Trail banker in the early days.
James Anderson
JJ Inkster : Inkster looking to work with Anderson.
JJ Inkster
Madden House Ad : One of Trail Creek Landing's centrally located hotels.
Madden House Ad
Madden House Dance : A celebration of the opening of the Madden House at Trail Creek Landing.
Madden House Dance
Madden House : Items regarding Trail's newest hotel.
Madden House
McCallum Wholesale : McCallum & Co. have opened a grocery wholesale warehouse at Trail Creek Landing.
McCallum Wholesale
R.J. Beabey Ad : Beabey & Co. opens offices in Trail and Rossland.
R.J. Beabey Ad
Smelter Blown In : Smelter running and supplying Rossland mines.
Smelter Blown In
St. Elmo Ad : St. Elmo Hotel opens in Trail Creek Landing.
St. Elmo Ad
Tailor : New tailor to arrive.
Topping Ad : Trail real estate promotion.
Topping Ad
Town Meeting Notice : Notice of public meeting.
Town Meeting Notice
Trail House Ad : Trail real estate ad
Trail House Ad
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