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Annie Egan : 9 year old daughter of railway contractor died after falling off her horse and being dragged when he
Annie Egan
G.H. Miner : Practical tinsmith required at G.H. Miner in Cranbrook.
G.H. Miner
Railway Lands : Only unsurveyed lands along the line of the Crow's Nest Pass road are available for settling, no oth
Railway Lands
A. H. Raynolds : Cranbrook mining broker with 22 years experience.
A. H. Raynolds
The Silvertonian : Editorial notes The Silvertonian says they are the only real mining paper published on the lake, wha
The Silvertonian
Moyie City Notes : Newspaper exerpt Moyie Leader - comings and goings of Moyie residents and visitors.
Moyie City Notes
Moyie Leader : Moyie Leader editor takes trip to Cranbrook to see how booming the town is, and is impressed with th
Moyie Leader
Moyie Murder : Italian Moyie man murdered now identified and friend and fellow countryman to stand trial for his mu
Moyie Murder
A. H. Raynolds : With 22 years banking and mining experience, prospectors outfitted for non residents.
A. H. Raynolds
Sullivan Mine : Sullivan Mine in Kimberley finds great strike of ore with high assay values.
Sullivan Mine
Wardner Notes : First train of cars to cross Kootenay River, ferry across river now charges, comings and goings of W
Wardner Notes
John McMahon : 28-year-old Moyie pioneer dies after brief fight with fever.
John McMahon
Mission Hospital : Iimprovements to St. Eugene Mission Hospital to include new buildings for a deadhouse and laundry et
Mission Hospital
Cranbrook Schools : Meeting of Cranbrook School Trustees with teachers salaries and other bills presented and paid, as w
Cranbrook Schools
Mining : All thoughts in Cranbrook are in the direction of mining.
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting considering a public auction for property that was reverted to City d
City Council
Athalmer Imperial Bank : Imperial Bank opens sub-branch at Athalmer.
Athalmer Imperial Bank
Windermere Fair : Windermere districts seventh annual fall fair.
Windermere Fair
Labor Day Kimberley : Running, jumping, baseball and other games were played during Labour day in Kimberley, with many Cra
Labor Day Kimberley
Womens Institute : Regular monthy meeting of Cranbrook Women's Institute making arrangements for the comfort and entert
Womens Institute
Cranbrook Athletic Association : Newspaper letter to the editor - local resident asking for a meeting with Cranbrook City Council ove
Cranbrook Athletic Association
Cranbrook Drug & Book : Demonstration of Edison's New Recreated Music will be given free at Cranbrook Fair.
Cranbrook Drug & Book
Natal Liquor Store Fire : Wholesale liquor store, hotel and gents furnishing store were burned in fire at Natal.
Natal Liquor Store Fire
Nelson Fruit Fair : Canadian Pacific Railway sponsoring Nelson Fruit Fair.
Nelson Fruit Fair
Queens Hotel : Appeal in favor of men arrested in Queens hotel room on charge of unlawful gambling.
Queens Hotel
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