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Marysville News : People and places and Fourth-of-July.
Marysville News
Moyie Schools : School Board and citizens in revolution.
Moyie Schools
White Laundry Ad : Newspaper advertisement
White Laundry Ad
Reid Drugstore Ad : Post office and drugstore and optician.
Reid Drugstore Ad
Marysville Smelter : Moving towards blowing smelter in.
Marysville Smelter
Mining News : Promoting East kootenay.
Mining News
Smelter Closings : Coke famine.
Smelter Closings
Smelting : Pocket smelting.
Coal Strike : Newspaper
Coal Strike
Dr. Archibald : To operate drugstore in Fernie.
Dr. Archibald
Coal Strike : Coal strike heats up with legal action.
Coal Strike
Fernie News : Newspaper excerpt Fernie Free Press
Fernie News
Smelter News : Newspaper
Smelter News
Marysville School : Newspaper
Marysville School
Fernie Typhoid : Newspaper
Fernie Typhoid
Cranbrook Clerks Union : Newspaper excerpt Cranbrook Herald
Cranbrook Clerks Union
Marysville Smelter : Newspaper
Marysville Smelter
New Bank Building : Banker Anderson moves into new building
New Bank Building
Anglican Church : Newspaper
Anglican Church
Anglican Church : Newspaper
Anglican Church
Arizona Bill : Last of the big gamblers moves to Trail Creek.
Arizona Bill
Bell & Naden Mill Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Bell & Naden Mill Ad
Nelson Miner : Bledsoe of Miner visits Trail.
Nelson Miner
Columbia River Steamboats : River plugged with ice.
Columbia River Steamboats
Coursier General Store Ad : Advertisement listing products sold at Coursier's General Store
Coursier General Store Ad
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