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Cranbrook C.P.R. Ad : Advertisement touting Cranbrook as the town destined to be smelting, commercial and railway center o
Cranbrook C.P.R. Ad
Cranbrook Hotel Ad : Lists proprietors of Cranbrook Hotel.
Cranbrook Hotel Ad
Cranbrook Lumber Ad : Advertisement for Cranbrook Lumber Co.s saw and planing mills, with price list.
Cranbrook Lumber Ad
Cranbrook Pharmacy Ad : A pharmacy believing in great future of Cranbrook has opened large and assorted stock of drugs, pate
Cranbrook Pharmacy Ad
T. A. Creighton : New grocer soon to be supplying complete and well selected stock of family groceries, miners' suppli
T. A. Creighton
H. L. Cummins, Surveyor : Provincial land surveryor from Fort Steele.
H. L. Cummins, Surveyor
Drs. Brodie & Watt : General practioners in Cranbrook and Fort Steele, with regular visits to Wardner, Swansea, Moyie Cit
Drs. Brodie & Watt
Fort Steele Mercantile Store : Received large shipment of sash, doors and shingles etc. at Fort Steele Mercantile in Fort Steele an
Fort Steele Mercantile Store
Hilliard Blacksmith Ad : Horseshoeing, mining work, wagon wood-work and general repairing done at Cranbrook blacksmith.
Hilliard Blacksmith Ad
John Hutchison : Notary Public, Mines dealt with by John Hutchison.
John Hutchison
Internation Transportation Company : Two large and commodious steamers with one hundred passenger and one hundred and fifty tons freight
Internation Transportation Company
Ross & Herchmer, Barristers : Fort Steele barristers and solicitors, notaries public and conveyancers.
Ross & Herchmer, Barristers
Brass Band : Article making fun of contractor Reid, who volunteered to be a bandleader if Cranbrook organized a b
Brass Band
Cranbrook Buildings : Continuing growth in Cranbrook shows many buildings being built, with not a day passing without one
Cranbrook Buildings
Cranbrook Notes : Noting ongoing constuction in Cranbrook and the heat wave it is experiencing, with mountain fires to
Cranbrook Notes
Cranbrook Notes : Cranbrook constable to Fort Steele to secure jail supplies.
Cranbrook Notes
Cranbrook Notes : Comings and goings of Cranbrook residents and visitors.
Cranbrook Notes
Cranbrook Police Court : Italian who claimed to have been rolled at Palmer Bar, out of luck in the courts.
Cranbrook Police Court
Dog Fight Entertainment : Newspaper exerpt Wardner International - two men from Sand Creek brought their dog to Wardner and be
Dog Fight Entertainment
Moyie Murder : Unknown Italian murdered on grade between Swansea and Moyie.
Moyie Murder
Wardner Notes : Comings and goings of residents and visitors of Wardner, as well as another commission of inquiry ov
Wardner Notes
Basin Notes : Newspaper article noting ongoing prosperity and growth in the basin, including new fire hall in Gran
Basin Notes
Cranbrook Hotel Guests : Article listing visitors staying at two of Cranbrooks principal inns.
Cranbrook Hotel Guests
Cranbrook Notes : Newspaper editorial notes once railroad is complete hundred of thousands of dollars will be invested
Cranbrook Notes
Crows Nest Pass Railway : The days of slow, unreliable and expensive transportation in East Kootenay soon to be a matter of hi
Crows Nest Pass Railway
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